"Add the death of a friend to that experience, Princess! For when the mobile fortress we've abandoned reaches the end of this branch of the ice canyon... it will carry Skywalker plunging into the great Geyser Sea!"
―Odan's Imposter[src]

Snow Fury! was the fifth installment of The Kingdom of Ice, published in Pizzazz 14 in November 1978. The entire story arc was reprinted in the UK in Star Wars Weekly 5760 in 1979.

Plot summary[edit | edit source]

As the Imperial commander impersonating Odan escapes with his prisoner Princess Leia Organa, the real Colonel Odan, along with C-3PO, R2-D2, and Fafnir race to rescue Luke Skywalker from the runaway War Sled.

The Rebels manage to board the War Sled, but their Snow flyer is wrecked in the process, and they cannot regain control over the runaway vehicle. Luckily Odan uses his familiar knowledge of the War Sled to locate power skis, and the Rebels manage to escape the War Sled just before it is destroyed. Their troubles are not over, however, as a fierce snowstorm has rolled in.

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