This article is about the snow flyer, a vehicle mainly used on Akuria II. You may be looking for the snow-flier, a modified Chiss airspeeder.
"Fafnir an' his hairy hordes have power skis, but to catch up with the sled, we need the likes of this snow flier--"

A snow flyer was a type of vehicle mainly used on the ice planet Akuria II. The craft was designed to move quickly over the icy terrain of the planet, but for some reason needed a droid to regulate its movements. For this use, a sturdy T-3 unit was primarily situated in the back end of a snow flyer, however, certain particularly hardy astromech droids could also fill the same role.[2] Snow flyers were used both by the Rebel and Imperial forces on Akuria II.[4] It had an automatic safety system that caused the vehicle to stop when the canopy opened.[1]


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