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"Welcome to Bogden Three. I am Master Du Mahn, and this is the Soaring Hawkbat Clan."
Du Mahn, to K'Kruhk and Sian Jeisel[src]

The Soaring Hawkbat Clan, also simply known as the Hawkbats, was one of the many clans in which prospective young Initiates were placed when they first began to learn the ways of the Jedi Order. Once a member of the clan, the students would travel together through the academy at the Jedi Temple until the time they graduated.


Bogden 3Edit

"That's enough, Hawkbats. The soldiers have work to do—and so do you."
Du Mahn, to the Hawkbats[src]
Bogden Jedi chapter house

The Hawkbats at the Bogden Jedi chapter house

Named after the hawk-bats of Coruscant, this clan was stationed at the Jedi Temple following the Ruusan Reformation of the Galactic Republic. During the Clone Wars, around the time of the Siege of Saleucami, the clan had been transferred to the chapter house on Bogden 3 and was under the care of Jedi Master Du Mahn. Caring for the Jedi younglings with the assistance of Padawan Chase Piru, the clan was awaiting transfer back to Coruscant, but was delayed because of the battle that took place in the capital world's orbit.[1]

The clan was on alert when Masters K'Kruhk and Sian Jeisel arrived with their clone troopers on a damaged Theta-class T-2c shuttle. Welcoming the war heroes, the clan began to prepare a feast when the clone troopers received Contingency Order 66 from the Office of the Supreme Chancellor. In accordance with the order, the troopers opened fire on the Jedi, slaughtering several younglings before the older Jedi could respond. Master K'Kruhk and Mahn slew many troopers as they fled the carnage with what younglings they could protect, while Master Jeisel detonated a thermal detonator in the facility's main entrance, killing herself and many of the clones as the younglings fled. Because Master Mahn was killed in the fighting, K'Kruhk became the new leader of the clan, along with help from Padawan Piru.[1]

Unidentified jungle moonEdit

"I don't want to be a constant reminder to them of what happened here. I can see the fear in their eyes—and in yours."
K'Kruhk, to Chase Piru[src]

Padawan Chase Piru protecting the remaining Hawkbats

Taking the damaged shuttle, the Jedi fled to a bountiful moon to gather supplies in the wilderness. Making camp on the tree line, Master K'Kruhk hunted while Piru maintained watch over the younglings.[2] All seemed quiet until the group was ambushed by the Gotal pirate Lumbra and his gang. Salvaging the Jedi's ship for parts, the pirates discovered that the children were Jedi and planned to sell them to the Galactic Empire for a large bounty. Piru, who had been left for dead after attempting to protect the younglings, helped Master K'Kruhk plan an attack on the pirate camp to free the children.[5] Picking the pirates of one by one with the use of a bow and several large arrows, the Whiphid Jedi's aim was aided by Piru's Force use. Moving in with his lightsaber, K'Kruhk and Piru disarmed the rest, ending when K'Kruhk savagely cut down Lumbra.[6]

Disgusted by his less than Jedi-like behavior, K'Kruhk apologized to Piru and announced his plan to part ways with the group. He was afraid his presence would remind the younglings of his violence. He decided to find a secure place for the clan to relocate.[6]


"The Force led me to you, my young friend—and these precious young lives who blaze like candles in the darkness, and who may hold the only hope for the future of our Order."
Zao, to K'Kruhk[src]
Zao lesson

Jedi Master Zao giving a lesson to the Hawkbats

Later, they were on-board Lumbra's ship that was shot down on the planet Arkinnea. The clan was captured by the Arkinnea Militia and sent to a refugee camp. They were assigned to a tent in Section Two-One-Four and told that they were going to be relocated to the Open Lands soon. Once they arrived at their tent, K'Kruhk noticed a fight taking place outside and quickly broke it up, fearing the violence could spread and endanger the younglings.[3] After K'Kruhk left to look for food, another refugee came by their tent. When she saw the younglings, she asked Piru if she was their mother. Piru told her the clan was a group of orphans. After K'Kruhk returned, he discovered Zao had found the clan and was cooking them dinner. When they finished dinner, Kennan Taanzer asked if Master Zao would teach them their daily lesson. He agreed, and tossed three spice berries in the air. Zao caught two of them, and ate the third. The younglings used the Force to observe and told him where each berry landed. However, the Master instead asked them which one was the sweetest. They protested, stating the Force could not tell them that. Zao revealed his lesson: one should listen to the Force and follow it and not assume they know where it is leading them. The younglings then went to bed.[3]

Zao determined the younglings were in danger, and helped them escape from the refugee camp. Fifteen kilometers away from the camp, they stopped to pick fruits while K'Kruhk stole a hover wagon and an animal to haul it. As they continued their journey, they came across a pair of Arkinnea Militia soldiers. They were able to pass by them when Zao and K'Kruhk used the Force to convince the soldiers that the wagon was just full of beelpop melons. They continued up into the hills of Arkinnea. The younglings took a nap while K'Krukh and Zao discussed the recent past. When they woke up, they decided to race to the top of the hill. When they reached the top, they discovered the bodies of large group of refugees who had been killed and left for the native scavengers.[7]

As the horrified clan and the Jedi Masters looked over the field of remains, an ore carrier from the Arkinnea Militia arrived overhead and dropped its load of refugees. When they were spotted by the ship's crew, K'Kruhk ordered the younglings into the wagon and pushed them down the hill to escape. Zao managed to steer the wagon into the forest but crashed into a tree, causing the younglings to tumble out of the vehicle.[8] Piru used the Force to cushion their landing, and prevented any of the younglings from serious injury. Sidirri recovered first, and briefly gave into the dark side of the Force when she assumed K'Kruhk had been killed. Zao calmed her down and they joined the rest of the clan and fled deeper into the forest. They hid behind a rock when they heard blaster fire, and were confronted by a group of Yunu. A group of the Arkinnea Militia then attacked them both.[9]

Zao raised a large boulder for cover, and ordered the clan to escape. They all ran off except for Sidirri, who used the Force to roll the boulder over the militia soldiers, killing them. The rest of the clan returned to find the Yunu bowing to the Jedi. They recognized them as Jedi and took them to a safe place further in the wilderness. K'Kruhk caught up with them at an old Jedi outpost. The clan settled down at the outpost.[4]



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