Soboll was a platform city on Cularin that served as a base for the Thaereian military, constructed shortly after Thaere Privo accepted responsibility for protecting the Cularin system. It was built in a remote part of Cularin, far from other platform cities. It included its own private military spaceport. Despite the base's tight security, the crime lord Nirama was able to establish a mole in the city.[1]

Soboll was capable of supporting up to two divisions, but usually did not house that many troops. No one was allowed onto the base without the clearance of Colonel Jir Tramsig, who spent about a quarter of his time in the system at Soboll. The apparent secrecy of the city hid no secret activity, but with the attention of Nirama and the rest of the Cularin system kept on obvious military bases, the Thaereians' hidden bases on Tilnes and Ostfrei were able to escape notice for a short time.[1]

Being a military base, Soboll did not have a baron administrator like the other platform cities. The officer in charge was Major Kurth San. He kept his men busy with exercises in the jungles and engaging pirates. San also considered conducting ship exercises near the asteroid belt to deter Nirama's smugglers.[1]



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