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The original capital of Balmorra, Sobrik was a city and industrial region located on the planet Balmorra. Located in the city was Sunken Sarlacc cantina and many Imperial Bunkers, including the headquarters Camp Vigil, set up by the Sith Empire, and was their center of operations, thanks to its position near the Balmorran Arms factory, as well as Troida Military Workshop and Okara Droid Factory to the south and south-east respectively.

History[edit | edit source]

The city of Sobrik was built as the original capital of the planet Balmorra, though around the time of the Jedi Civil War, the city of Bin Prime was chosen to replace it. As such it was later shrunk, and during the Battle of Balmorra was repetitively bombarded and then rebuilt by Imperial engineers

During the invasion, Sobrik was generally seen with Imperial vehicles and troops patrolling the city, and it gave a strong impression to any on-looking Republic spies. The city housed a spaceport, a cantina, and many Imperial buildings, such as bases, control centers and barracks. It also featured a account building where civilians could store their belongings.

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