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"If there is a dark side to this galaxy, Socorro is on the hind side of it. Far beyond the notice of dominions large and faceless—where a man's word and the sweat of his brow are worth more than his scrip. This is truly a most splendid place to be."
Kirr Cyrs[src]

Socorro was a planet in the Outer Rim Territories with a reputation as a smuggler haven. It was the homeworld of Lando Calrissian.


The Socorran flag

Socorro was a planet[5] in the Socorro system of the Kibilini sector, located in the Outer Rim Territories region of the galaxy.[1] It was situated on the Llanic Spice Run, a hyperlane that linked it to Llanic and the Bahalian system.[3] Socorro was one of only two bodies in orbit around a red giant star[5] and possessed no moons.[2] A day on Socorro lasted twenty standard hours, and a year lasted 316 local days.[5]

The planet Socorro possessed a breathable atmosphere, standard gravity,[5] an arid climate,[2] and terrain that included black desert swells, flatlands, mountain areas, and volcanic areas. Socorro's dormant volcanic basements contained naturally-hidden reserves of water. The planet's surface, three-fourths of which was covered by the Doaba Badlands, was composed of hardened volcanic ash. Temperatures remained at 110 degrees in the world's polar regions, where thermal winds and sandstorms were common.[5]

No unifying government was present on Socorro, and control of the planet was contested by various criminal organizations.[2] A unified cultural force, resulting from integration between the planet's nomadic and criminal elements, offered formidable protection from intrusion by offworld authorities.[5] Vakeyya was the capital of Socorro.[2] The planet exported water, nether ice, and high-tech skills while importing metals and high technology. All of these transactions were typically performed in an illegal manner. Rare and peculiar modifications to starships were also a major source of planetary income.[5]

Located between Coyn and Tatooine, and near Duunir, Iyred, Omman, Redcap, and the Nodgra system, Socorro was home to the ferocious M'onnoks, as well as several nomadic groups: the Ibhaan'I, Bharhulai, Ndowi, and Asilyr. It was also the homeworld of Lando Calrissian and Qu Rahn. Its deserts were composed of distinctive black sand. The name "Socorro" in Old Corellian meant "scorched earth."

Some locations on Socorro included the Asilyr Tribal Lands, the Bharhulai Tribal Lands, Cjaalysce'I, the Doaba Badlands, the Ibhaan'I Tribal Lands, the Ndowi Tribal Lands, Norble, and Madra. Between the Rym Mountains and the city of Vakeyya was the Judges of the Dead, which was considered by many Socorrans to be a shrine.


Corellians colonized the planet in 3000 BBY, though only four of their original six colony ships were believed to have survived. The Bharhulai tribe was a hostile group that dwelt in Socorro's dangerous northern polar region. It was believed by the anthropologist Arner Figgis that the Bharhulai may have descended from a crashed colony ship and regressed to a savage state.

One of the first beings to scout the planet was Kirr Cyrs. He was also the historian of the first colony established on the planet. Kirr Cyrs was generally credited with saying that all life born on Socorro eventually dies on Socorro.

During the Cold War between the Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic, Socorro was under a water supply crisis because the critical wells located around a dozen settlements in the desert had gone dry. It was presumed that the wells had been sabotaged.[10] Around the same time, a renowned pirate captain was spotted on a party at Socorro.[11]

Socorro was the location of a Jedi academy where Jedi would train to become a Jedi Guardians. It was a favorite of Jedi Ace Crix Sunburris during the New Sith Wars. A thousand years later, Darth Sidious would use The Jedi Path: A Manual for Students of the Force to locate and destroy the academy and the Jedi who were stationed in it.[9]

A young Han Solo may have met Quinlan Vos on Socorro roughly a decade before the Battle of Yavin.

Darth Talon attacks Elke Vetter.

In 137 ABY, Socorro was the headquarters of the pirate Feeorin Rav. It was there that Cade Skywalker turned Jedi Hosk Trey'lis over to Rav after capturing him on Lok. Meanwhile, Darth Talon attacked the Imperial Mission temple on Socorro to drive Princess Marasiah Fel to her father or for him to come to her. Darth Talon killed the Imperial Knight Elke Vetter at the temple. Marasiah Fel was eventually rescued by Cade Skywalker.[6]


"While many scholars believe that the mettle and integrity of those early colonists expired long ago with the spirit of the early pioneers, I would argue that the same courage and fortitude that propelled them into the wilds of unknown space is very much alive and well in the sub-culture of smugglers and even more so in the culture of native Socorran pirates and the nomadic tribes of Socorro."
―Arner Figgis[src]

Humans comprised ninety percent of Socorro's population,[2] which may have consisted of 300 million beings.[5] Smugglers, bounty hunters, and other criminals were attracted to Socorro and established bases there. Small tribes of Humans and near-Humans who avoided civilization also lived on the world.[2] A number of nomadic tribes inhabited the Doaba Badlands,[5] including the Bharhulai.[12] Socorro was the homeworld of Cinda Tarheel.[13]


Lando Calrissian, a native of Socorro.


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