"Now, what do you make of him?"
"Colonel Petigar? He's an engineer. You won't charm him."
"Well, it won't be for lack of trying."
―Jayhold Beehaz and Gorn — (audio) Listen (file info)[4]

Colonel Soden Petigar was a human who served the Galactic Empire as an engineer. He was tasked with developing the next steps of the Imperial occupation of the planet Aldhani and traveled there in 5 BBY to visit a dam where the Aldhani Garrison was based. At the dam, Commandant Jayhold Beehaz and Lieutenant Gorn discussed the Imperial manipulation of the local Dhani population with Petigar and assured him they would not be a problem for the planned development.

Looking forward to viewing the upcoming Eye of Aldhani celestial event, Petigar witnessed a meteor pass over the dam while using a survey scope. He then accompanied Gorn, Beehaz, and the commandant's family to a ceremonial exchange of hides with the natives, which assured the Imperials another three-year lease.

Following the exchange, Petigar returned to the dam with Beehaz and his family, where the group was held at blaster point by a group of rebels aiming to steal the Imperial payroll held in the garrison. Petigar drew his blaster pistol and demanded that the rebels release Beehaz's son, Leonart Beehaz, but the engineer was then shot and killed by the rebel Cinta Kaz.


Architect of Aldhani[]

"What's with all the patrols on Stone Canyon?"
"There's an Imperial engineer arriving from Coruscant. We've been mapping the old trail for him. But that'll stop tomorrow."
―Vel Sartha and Gorn — (audio) Listen (file info)[3]

Soden Petigar was tasked with developing the next steps in the Imperial occupation of Aldhani.

Soden Petigar was a human engineer who served as a colonel in the Imperial Officer Corps of the Galactic Empire.[2] He[3] was tasked with developing the next steps and expansion of the Imperial occupation of the planet Aldhani,[2] where the Empire had arrived[3] in 18 BBY[1] and liberated the Alkenzi Air Base before damming up the Nasma Klain river and establishing a garrison in the dam, which acted as a depot for supplies, weapons, and the sector's Imperial payroll.[3]

Over the following thirteen years, the Empire relocated the native Dhani people who lived in the valleys around the garrison to work in factories in the Enterprise Zone in the Lowlands of the world.[2] There was discussion of tearing down the dam and moving the airbase to replace it,[5] with plans made for Petigar to travel from the Imperial capital of Coruscant to visit Aldhani[3] in 5 BBY.[1] In preparation for his arrival, the garrison began mapping an old trail for him, resulting in increased patrols in the area known as Stone Canyon. Lieutenant Gorn, a member of the garrison who was secretly working with a rebel infiltration team planning to steal the payroll from the garrison, ensured that the patrols ceased two days before the engineer's scheduled arrival and refocused the Imperials' attention on the Lowlands, informing the team's leader, Vel Sartha, about Petigar when she asked about the patrols.[3]

Aldhani dam full view

Preparations were made at Aldhani dam for Soden Petigar's arrival.

Other preparations were made for Petigar's arrival, with Gorn ordering that a gantry inside the dam be painted before the engineering officer arrived and got involved in their business. When the gantry still had not been painted on the day that the colonel was due to arrive, Gorn threatened to have his subordinates paint it during the upcoming celestial event known as the Eye of Aldhani but agreed to have it completed after Petigar arrived so that the men could view the event.[5]


"Have they any idea this is the last time they'll be allowed up here?"
"No, there's no profit in that. We've spent the last decade promoting an Imperial viewing festival down in the Enterprise Zone. They'll have that going forward."
"It is their sacred valley, is it not?"
"Well, ultimately, they will return, won't they, Colonel? When you need plenty of arms and legs to build all you've got planned."
―Soden Petigar and Jayhold Beehaz — (audio) Listen (file info)[4]

The morning after his arrival, Petigar met with Gorn and Commandant Jayhold Beehaz, commander of the garrison,[4] in an observation tower on the dam.[6] Gorn brought the colonel and the commandant a drink as Beehaz explained to Petigar about how the Imperials had manipulated the native Dhani and reduced the number that would attend the Eye of Aldhani event in[4] Akti Amaugh,[3] the valley in which the dam was built.[4]


Soden Petigar met with Jayhold Beehaz and Gorn in the Aldhani dam and discussed the native Dhani.

Petigar asked if the Dhani knew that it would be the final time they visited the sacred valley, and Beehaz admitted that they were unaware but attempted to reassure Petigar that they had provided a replacement Imperial viewing event in the Enterprise Zone, pointing out that the Dhani would eventually return to the valley as laborers for Petigar's plans. The engineer then asked Gorn, who had served longest at the dam, if he thought that the Dhanis would react violently to the new facility being built. Gorn pointed out the Dhanis would have no choice but to be peaceful, and Beehaz then changed the subject to tell Petigar about how spectacular the Eye was to witness, with the colonel revealing that he was looking forward to the event.[4]

Observing local customs[]

"We trade goat hides for a three-year lease. If they didn't smell so badly it might be amusing. Come on, you two. The Dhanis have a rough appetite for fragrance."
"Yes, I've been warned."
―Jayhold Beehaz and Soden Petigar as they prepare to leave with Beehaz's family — (audio) Listen (file info)[4]

After leaving Petigar to exit the dam, Beehaz, who hoped to impress Petigar so that he and his family could be transferred to a more pleasant world, asked Gorn's opinion of the colonel; however, the lieutenant warned the commandant that he would not be able to charm the engineer despite his attempts.[4] Petigar, meanwhile, moved to an alcove in the dam and set up a survey scope, using it to watch the descent of a meteor over the valley.[6] When Gorn then passed by, the colonel asked him if the meteor signaled that the Eye had begun, but the lieutenant explained that the Dhanis believed that it never ended, and so the event had certainly started.[4]


Soden Petigar witnessed Jayhold Beehaz trading goat hides to the Dhani, which secured another three-year lease for the Imperials.

Petigar then joined Beehaz and his family inside the dam, where Gorn delivered a pile of goat hides that Beehaz was to present to the Dhanis arriving to watch the Eye. The commandant explained to Petigar that the hides would buy them another three-year lease and warned him that the natives would smell, although the engineer had already been informed. The group then left, with Petigar glancing out of the window and then smelling the goat hides as he passed, which caused him to grimace.[4]

The colonel then accompanied Beehaz and his family down to the Nasma Brani temple in front of the dam to meet the Dhanis, briefly stopping on the way for Beehaz to inspect a group of Imperials that he was told were from Alkenzi, although they were in fact Gorn's rebel allies. At the temple, the Dhani chieftain permitted Petigar and the rest of the entourage to enter, after which the engineer watched the tense exchange of pelts between the Imperials and the natives.[4]

A valiant effort[]

"Stop right there. Let the boy go. Let the boy go!"
―Soden Petigar demands the release of Leonart Beehaz — (audio) Listen (file info)[4]

With the ceremony complete, Petigar returned to the dam with Gorn, Beehaz, and the commandant's family, escorted by the group of disguised rebels. As they walked, Beehaz complained to Petigar that it was the older Dhanis that caused all the problems and as they entered the dam, he claimed things would soon be much easier with the days of trading pelts behind them. Once the group were all inside bar Gorn, the rebels locked the doors behind them and raised their weapons, ordering an Imperial sentry present to drop[4] his[6] weapon. The sentry complied and the commandant's family dropped to the floor as a shocked Beehaz questioned what was happening. As the rebel Karis Nemik then moved past Petigar, the engineer pulled out his blaster pistol and aimed it at Nemik, creating a standoff as the other rebels trained their weapons on him.[4]


Soden Petigar died trying to demand that the child Leonart Beehaz be released from blasterpoint.

The colonel demanded that the rebels release Beehaz's son, Leonart Beehaz, more loudly reiterating his command when the rebel Arvel Skeen pushed the muzzle of his blaster rifle into the back of Leonart's neck. The commandant then pleaded with Petigar to stand down as the rebel Cassian Andor tried to assure him that no one need die, but at that moment, the rebel Cinta Kaz, who had infiltrated the facility separately, shot Petigar as she descended into the room. Petigar was killed, firing as he fell and narrowly missing Nemik when the shot went wide.[4]

The rebels then left Petigar's corpse where it had fallen as they continued with their plan to steal the payroll and hurried Leonart and the other hostages away. Petigar was the first, but far from final Imperial casualty of the heist, which also claimed the lives of the commandant and several other Imperial personnel as well as Gorn, Nemik, and the rebel Taramyn Barcona. Despite their casualties, the rebels ultimately succeeded in stealing the payroll credits.[4]

Personality and traits[]

"The Eye, Colonel, you're in for a treat. It really is something to see. Quite the celestial spectacle."
"I'm looking forward to it."
―Jayhold Beehaz and Soden Petigar — (audio) Listen (file info)[4]

Soden Petigar looked forward to witnessing the Eye of Aldhani while on the planet but was concerned that the locals would violently oppose his project there. He smiled when Commandant Beehaz discussed manipulating the Dhanis, though Gorn was confident that the engineer could not be charmed. When held at blaster point, he risked drawing his own weapon to try and demand the release of the only child present, costing him his life. The colonel had light skin, gray hair, brown eyes, and spoke Galactic Basic Standard with an aristocratic accent.[4]


"Has it started?"
"Well, the Dhanis don't believe it ever ends. So, yes, sir, it has definitely started."
―Soden Petigar questions Gorn about the Eye of Aldhani after witnessing a meteor through his survey scope — (audio) Listen (file info)[4]

Soden Petigar used a survey scope to observe a meteor on Aldhani.

Soden Petigar wore a gray Imperial officer's uniform with a code cylinder on each breast and a rank insignia plaque with a row of five orange squares[4] denoting his engineering background,[7] and then a red square furthest to his left. When heading outside the dam, he wore an Imperial kepi with an officer's disk, a dark green overcoat, and black gloves. He made use of a blaster pistol carried in a holster on his left hip and a survey scope.[4]

Behind the scenes[]

Soden Petigar was created for the Disney+ series Andor and was first revealed in the teaser trailer for the show released on May 26, 2022.[8] He was then first indirectly mentioned in the show's first season within its fourth episode, "Aldhani,"[3] which aired on September 28, 2022.[9] The character then appeared in the sixth episode, "The Eye,"[4] which aired on October 12, 2022.[9] He was portrayed by Richard Katz in the episode and only identified as Colonel Petigar.[4] Exterior scenes on Aldhani were filmed at the Cruachan Dam and the surrounding mountains in the Scottish Highlands,[10] with filming taking place during the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic.[11] The character's first name of Soden was later revealed in the 2023 reference book Star Wars: Dawn of Rebellion: The Visual Guide, which was written by Pablo Hidalgo and Emily Shkoukani.[2]


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