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Sojourn, also known as "the Hunters' Moon," was a satellite moon of an unknown planet in the Carrion sector of the Outer Rim Territories. It was also the ancient-fortress home and personal retreat of the Sith Lord Darth Plagueis.

History[edit | edit source]

The moon was discovered, and its ancient fort founded, generations earlier by members of the InterGalactic Banking Clan, who created it as a place for relaxation for the clan's wealthiest clientele. In a later era, the act of participating in its Sith-tainted, oath-bound ceremonial activities of hunting and debauchery was a rite of passage and prerequisite for intergalactic money-magnates of exalted privilege. But unbeknownst to most who took part in the rituals and walked among time-worn walls, the fort's very architecture and artistic etchings spoke of ancient secrets known once only to the Sith, still unreadable by the galaxy's ignorant masses—a fact well-observed by IBC kingpin Hego Damask (alter ego of the Sith Lord Darth Plagueis), who was the being, of course, who artfully placed them there.[2]

Sojourn was protected by the Iotran Braceman who provided security. In time, under Caar Damask's management following his retirement from the chairmanship of the IBC, the moon changed into a retreat where the most important individuals in the galaxy were brought together to exchange ideas. This think tank met on Sojourn, and it was here that the Galactic Credit Standard was decided, the chancellorship of Eixes Valorum first proposed, and the membership of the Trade Federation Directorate reorganized.[2]

Under Hego Damask, the retreat on Sojourn was altered once more from being a resort or think tank into the powerful Muun's personal retreat, when he became a Sith Lord.[2]

The Gathering[edit | edit source]

"From a high turret in the old fort on Sojourn, Plagueis and Sidious observed the revelry in the courtyard below. There, amid the blazing fires, the smell of fresh blood and roasting meat, the cacophony of guttural chants, strident music, and screams of abandon, a Gathering was in progress. Returned from the hunts, beings of many species told tall tales and shared in vulgar laughter, while exotic dancers writhed atop tables laden with food and intoxicating drinks. Away from the roasting pits, beings huddled in the sultry night air, forming alliances, revealing hidden agendas, hatching plots. Passion, envy, and conspiracy were on the loose..."
―A description of the Gathering.[src]

Every standard year from after its inception until 43 BBY, Damask Holdings hosted an event known as the Gathering. Many influential beings were brought to Sojourn in ships owned by Damask; none came without invitation—those that did, invited death. All these individuals shared Damask's belief in financial profit being more important than notoriety, politics or vulgar morality.[2]

And it was from this clandestine satellite outpost, amidst the occult revelry, that Damask, as Darth Plagueis, plotted and strategized in order to reshape the course of galactic history. He had made use of a contingent of silver-suited Echani Sun Guards to provide security to the site, and had exorbitantly stocked the moon with exotic plants and extremely rare cloned game animals, specimens near extinction that were given a second lease on life, courtesy of the expert cloners of Kamino—the Kaminoans.[2]

The existence of the Hunters' Moon was whispered by those who'd snatched veiled rumors of a place that smacked more of myth than historic reality; those who'd visited it repeatedly over the centuries, however, but who were sworn to maintain its secrecy, knew better. And while the obscure system could be found in the galactic registries, the moon was indeed discoverable only by those who knew where and how to look, but who also had the means of deciphering the anciently transcribed data that revealed its true location.[2]

Nuclear target[edit | edit source]

"Master, I'm sorry I wasn't the first to warn you of the attack [on Sojourn]," Sidious said. "I didn't think Veruna had the courage to carry out his veiled threats. Perhaps I nudged him too far . . ."
―Darth Sidious, to Darth Plagueis.[src]

Concurrent with the commencement of the Eriadu Trade Summit of 33 BBY,[3] Ars Veruna, King of Naboo—in an alliance with Alexi Garyn's Black Sun crime syndicate, the notorious crimelord and gambler Gardulla the Hutt,[2] and the fanatical Bando Gora terrorist group led by Komari Vosabombed Sojourn with a proscribed nuclear weapon (secured by Darth Maul from Iram Radique, enigmatic recluse of the 'gambling prison' Cog Hive Seven) in an attempt to kill Magister Damask (Darth Plagueis). The entire operation was, unbeknownst to Damask, masterminded by Plagueis' own former apprentice, Darth Sidious (the alter ego of Senator Palpatine of Naboo). Sidious, however, simply used the other complicit criminals as mere pawns in an attempt to shroud his own involvement and advance one step closer to realizing his paramount ambition, his own personal interpretation of the Sith Grand Plan.[2][4]

In a near-miraculous turn, Damask, the galaxy's senior Sith Lord, escaped the bombardment due to forewarning by members of a seasoned spy network operated by his Hutt ally, Jabba Desilijic Tiure, but the moon was rendered desolate by the attack, and Plagueis' laboratories and residence were destroyed. Veruna, Black Sun, Komari Vosa, and the other complicit parties, of course, swiftly paid the Sith price for their treacherous collusion.[2]

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