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"The Force is powerful… like fire or the ocean. It is a power we must respect."
―Master Sol[1]

Sol was a respected human male Jedi Master[3] who lived during the High Republic Era.[1]


Early life[]

At four years old, Sol was brought to the Jedi Temple to become a Jedi.[2]

The Brendok mission[]


Sol rescued Osha from the fire on Brendok.

In 148 BBY,[5] Jedi Master Sol traveled to Brendok with Master Indara, Kelnacca, and Padawan Torbin to investigate claims that a coven of witches were training children. The twins, Mae and Osha were found on the planet. When the twins were tested, Mae lied to stay with the coven but Osha could not, admitting that she wanted to be a Jedi. That night, a fire was accidentally started by Mae when she tried to destroy Osha’s sketchbook journal and at the same time,[2] Torbin rushed off to try to get the twins out of fear for them. As the fire spread, and seeing the danger the girls were in with the Force, Jedi infiltrated the coven’s stronghold in an effort to rescue Osha and Mae, but were confronted by a host of witches with bows ready. As Koril made ready to strike, Sol killed Mother Aniseya when he misinterpreted her efforts to protect Mae as an attack. The other witches then attacked the Jedi and used their powers to take over Kelnacca and use him to try to kill the Jedi. Thereafter, Sol tried to save the twins from the worsening fire, but ultimately, unable to hold both, made the choice to only save Osha.[6] He believed that Mae died along with the rest of the coven, and took Osha to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant to begin her training.[2] She trained in the Jedi temple for 10 years with Sol as her Jedi Master, but decided to leave the Jedi Order.[7] After Osha, he trained Jecki Lon as his Padawan[4] and taught younglings in the Jedi Temple.[1] Six years later, in 132 BBY,[8] he faced a new mission.[1]

Investigating Indara's murder[]

Sol investigated Master Indara's murder after he learned that Osha was considered a culprit. He tracked her down on Carlac after a prison ship carrying her crashed and came to believe that Mae was still alive and Osha was not responsible for Indara's murder.[1] After a break in at the Olega Jedi Temple, Master Torbin died. Sol and a group of Jedi investigated and were able to eliminate Osha as a culprit. They tracked down Qimir, who supplied Mae with the poison that Torbin used to kill himself, disguised as a merchant in an apothecary. They discovered that Mae had a master and was planning on killing the four Jedi who were present on Brendok when her sister died. That night, Sol confronted Mae but she was able to escape.[9]

Powers and abilities[]

Sol was able to use the Force in a range of ways, such as when he mind-touched away a convict's fear to be able to communicate with him. The Jedi could also use telekinesis in a variety of different ways. Such as to open doors, save Osha by Force-pulling her from a fall,[1] and catch Mae in a Force hold when trying to capture her. Moreover, he was able to extract from her mind the little information she knew about her teacher. After doing this, Sol also sensed her feelings for her sister and tried to use them to convince her to surrender. He also was a skilled warrior and able to protect himself against Mae's barrage of blows without needing to go for his own weapon and successfully disarming her of her knives.[9]

He also sensed vaguely where Kelnacca was and was able to dispatch a dangerous creature with his saber. However, when the Master attacked him with a Force push, he was flung back with the rest of the Jedi in his squad.[10] Sol fought the Sith wearing a mask, who admitted the piece of armor was all that was keeping Sol from reading his mind. The Jedi was coming out worse in their duel, until, furious after the butchering of his Padawan and with both sides unable to turn on their sabers, Sol charged the Sith and briefly subdued him in unarmed combat.[11]

During the mission that led to finding Osha, he felt he sensed that he was in somehow destined to take Osha as a Padawan. During the third time he came to the witch compound, he demonstrated the power to see things from afar after a few moments of focus. When he thought he was under attack from Aniseya as she invoked her powers, he swiftly drew his blade and cut her down, then when Koril assailed him, he endured her punches and caught her spear, before breaking it with his saber. Despite his skills with a blade and using the Force to leap around, and even disarming his attacker, he was unable to defend himself when a Wookiee Jedi was taken over by the coven and impelled to attack him, only being saved when Master Indara broke the spell. Sol found the twins on a collapsing bridge and used his will to try to keep them from falling, but though he franticly strained himself in keeping them aloft, he was not powerful enough to save both, so chose Osha.[6]

Sol was stealthy, able to follow three witches, infiltrate a dark side cult's stronghold, observe them using the Force on younglings, see them conducting a ritual, and escape without being spotted and barely being sensed by Koril. The Jedi also was a strong climber scaling the walls of the Brendon fortress and returning to his friends, then quickly clambering up again when he returned following Torbin.[6]


As with many other Jedi Masters during the High Republic Era, Sol had opulent white robes with a golden trim and a yellow tunic. He also wore a brown cloak and a belt with the insignia of the Jedi Order.[12] He wielded a single-bladed blue lightsaber.[10]

Behind the scenes[]

Sol was created for the 2024 Disney+ live-action series The Acolyte. The character was portrayed by Lee Jung-jae.[13]



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