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TIE Fighter solar collector

A diagram of the solar collectors on a TIE fighter wing

Solar collectors,[1] also called solar arrays,[2] solar-collecting arrays,[3] solar energy arrays,[4] solar gather panels,[5] solar receptors,[6] and simply solar panels,[7] were devices that captured solar radiation for producing energy.[1] The wing panels of the TIE/ln space superiority starfighters used by the Galactic Empire had six solar arrays each, with energy accumulator lines running back and forth beneath the panels.[2] The collected energy was channeled through a reactor to fire emissions from a high-pressure radioactive gas stored in a ventral fuel tank.[8] The TIE/fo space superiority fighter of the First Order used similar, yet improved, technology.[3]

The TIE/mg Mining Guild starfighter had two panels removed on each side, giving them improved visibility at the expense of overall combat capability.[9]


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