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HoloNet News depicts a week-long solar flare forecast.

"Pronounced stellar flare activity this week; UV Index peaking at 44.9; recommend EM shielding on all electronics."
―HoloNet News Weather Report[src]

A solar flare, stellar flare, or coronal flare[1] was a sudden brightening over the surface of a star or the solar limb, which released a large amount of energy.

The HoloNet News network typically advised electromagnetic shielding on all electronic devices when the ultraviolet index peaked at around 44.9.[2]

Jaina Solo observed something that looked like a miniature solar flare when the FlakBlaster Ten's defense shields went down.

When solar flares hit a planet's surface, it excited mind eels, and weather forecasts recommended the watching of mind eels and their offspring during this time. These creatures did not threaten nearby farmers, as they complied with the crop boundaries set in The Relevant Farm Act of Thairwsthis 12.[3]

Solar flares were also mentioned in the piece of work Affirmation for Amber Day Six: My Love Flows Ambiently and Infinitely.[3]



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