The Solarix-G6 was a model of podracer during the time of the Clone Wars. Podracer Kidd Kareen used a black Solarix.


Kidd Kareen had been using this model pod since before he signed to race the Mon Gazza Speedway during the Clone Wars. Kareen used this pod to push Poorfo's XR-Dualmega into a wall during a qualifying lap. During the race, Kareen used his pod to block his teammate Maxus' attempts to kill Kareen's new friend Jedi padawan Ahsoka Tano, who had been tracking Maxus down because as he had been using the podracing circuit as a cover to spy for the Confederacy of Independent Systems. When Tano's podracer was destroyed, Kareen caught her with his pod and delivered her to safety.

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