Solay was the main planet in the Solay system in the Dominus sector of the Outer Rim Territories. Home to a variety of species, Solay remained in the hands of a despot for half a century, before the Rebel Alliance hero Luke Skywalker came to the assistance of the resisters. The Rebel victory was only short-lived, however, as the Galactic Empire quickly gained control over Solay, forcing Skywalker to flee.

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The world of Solay was the main planet of an eponymous star system, a rare case of decuple system—with ten suns revolving around a common center of mass.[2]


From around the year 46 BBY, Solay was ruled by a local tyrant, King Blackart. Following the rise of the Galactic Empire in 19 BBY, Blackart ruled his planet as the vassal of Emperor Palpatine. Six years into the Galactic Civil War, after half a century of fighting, the local resistance against King Blackart's tyranny managed to win over his forces.

The resistance, led by Raggold and Mary, enjoyed the support of Luke Skywalker, a Jedi in training and hero of the Rebel Alliance that opposed Palpatine and his Empire. While the the resisters prepared for the last battle, an unexpected turn of events occurred. Raggold had, at an early age, betrayed the planet to the Empire, promising to win over Blackart with Imperial funds and thus allow them direct control over the planet. Consumed by the guilt over his betrayal and what it would lead to now that he had won the war, Raggold committed suicide. The Empire shortly thereafter resubjugated the world as planned, killing Mary in the process. Being unable to help, Skywalker escaped the planet with the help of a local infochant named Braxas.

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