"This planet's freedom fighters finally have the advantage! And the court's pro-Empire troops are scared."
Luke Skywalker[src]

The Solay Royal Court was the ruling organization on the planet Solay. For at least fifty years, the court oppressed the native populace, leading to a small rebel movement led by the rebel leader, Raggold. Around 4 ABY, the leader of the court was King Blackart, a tyrannical cyborg. The royal court was allied with the Galactic Empire, and the Imperials supported the court and their King during the Galactic Civil War. The court was defended by the Solay Royal Guard, and the guard were also supportive of the Empire.

Following the Battle of Endor, and the news that Emperor Palpatine had been killed, the revolutionary movement on Solay gained momentum. Unknown to the court, an Imperial Governor had financed the rebels, hoping to remove the court so that he could rule directly over the planet. Raggold, the leader of the rebels, accepted a bribe from the Imperials to lead a final charge on the royal court and take the King captive. The Imperial plot succeeded, and the royal court was overthrown. King Blackart was captured and imprisoned, but he soon escaped off-world. Just as the Imperials had planned, they moved in and swept away the successful rebel movement, taking control of Solay directly.


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