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Elite soldier TotG

A Rodian elite soldier

"A good soldier always knows how to use whatever equipment is at hand: computers, droids, vehicles, communications gear, and - of course - weapons. Knowing what a weapon is capable of - and more importantly, what it isn't capable of - can save your life in a tough situation."
Colonel Marck Linth, Alliance SpecForces (5th Regiment)[1]

Soldiers were individuals trained in a variety of martial skills and represented the core of any military force. Many of these individuals volunteered to fight for their government, but some were drafted into service. Those who fought for monetary payment were generally called mercenaries. Soldiers received basic training in a wide range of weaponry and combat tactics, from hand-to-hand combat to heavy weapons. Soldiers that received advanced training and equipment were called commandos.[2]


"Since the first Taung chieftain raised his spear to signal a charge, soldiers have nobly shed blood for the glory of a greater cause."
High General Cassio Tagge, Imperial Handbook: A Commander's Guide[3]
AoRGMK FC character art

A female Human and male Duros soldier for the Rebel Alliance

Soldiers of the Galactic Republic that served during the Old Republic era consisted of Republic soldiers and Republic troopers. During the Clone Wars, the Republic's infantry force consisted mainly of Clone troopers. The basic soldiers of the Galactic Empire's Imperial Military were the Imperial Army troopers and the stormtroopers, who were almost exclusively Human. During the Rebellion era, the Rebel Alliance's standard foot soldiers were the Rebel troopers, while the specially trained soldiers were called SpecForce, or Alliance Special Forces.[2]

Small teams of soldiers were sometimes organized into squads which consisted of four to six members and led by a higher ranking soldier. Two or more squads together formed a company. In the lead of large groups of soldiers were commanders who had great knowledge of tactics and strategy which enabled those under their command to fight with enhanced efficiency.[2] The combined forces of soldiers who fought on foot were usually referred to as infantry.

Spacefaring soldiers were known as star-warriors or marines.[source?]

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"Good soldiers follow orders."
Tup, upon activation of his inhibitor chip's Clone Protocol 66[4]

Soldier is a playable starting class for the video game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.


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