Sollima was a male Aleena crime lord active during the early years of Galactic Civil War, and the owner of the casino world Hollow Moon.


In 1 BBY, the Galactic Empire stole his accounting droid to use the information inside it against Sollima. In order to retrieve the droid he ordered Han Solo and Billal Batross, both of whom owed Sollima money, to infiltrate the Imperial base and retrieve the droid, in exchange for him to forgive their debts. He also took Chewbacca hostage to ensure that Han wouldn't just run away, and put the Wookiee into the dueling arena on the Hollow Moon. However, when Solo and Batross returned with the droid, they brought the Imperials who wanted to arrest Sollima. Playing a scheme of trickery, the smugglers managed to rescue Chewbacca in exchange for promising Sollima safe passage off the Hollow Moon (aboard the Millennium Falcon). However, once the freighter left the planet, Han pushed Sollima into the escape pod and launched it towards the Imperial fleet, leaving the Empire to deal with him.



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