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The Sollux was a humanoid sentient species with frog-like features which the mysterious being Orphne belonged to.

Biology and appearance[]

The mysterious being Orphne resided in the Aleen underworld.

The Sollux[4] species was humanoid, and reptillian[1] or amphibian.[2] They were sentient, and had light green and white skin, purple, pupil-less eyes and branch-like brown hair with orange fruit-like growths.[1] They had hands with five bulbous fingers, and feet with three forward facing digits.[3] They could run at extreme speeds,[2] and they possessed a tongue which could extend to ten feet and had a suction-cup tip.[5]

Sollux in the galaxy[]

Orphne was a female Sollux who resided in the underworld of Aleen.[1] She possessed magical powers, being able to transform into multiple shards of white light,[3] and although she was not Force-sensitive, her powers stemmed from the Light side of the Force.[2] During the Clone Wars, she and the Kindalo, a species native to Aleen's underworld, caused groundquakes that would effect Aleen's surface, because the Great Seal, which served as a barrier between Aleen's surface and underworld, was displaced. The Seal was sacred to Orphne and the Kindalo, and they believed that it was attacked by the Aleena. After the Republic began a humanitarian mission to bring vital supplies to Aleen, droids C-3PO and R2-D2 fell through the hole the displacement of the seal caused. She found the droids, and tried to eat the former using her tongue, before realizing she couldn't due to C-3PO not being organic. When she was asked by C-3PO about the exit away from the underworld, she presented them with a riddle:

"You can run but cannot walk;

You have a mouth but cannot talk;

You have a head but never weep;

You have a bed but never sleep."

She then transformed into the white lights again, and left them to solve the riddle. Eventually, they found the answer to the riddle was 'river', and the Great Seal was moved by the droids so no further conflict would occur.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

"She's actually a frog lady - she's just a different kind of creature that you haven't seen in the Star Wars universe"
Star Wars: The Clone Wars supervising director Dave Filoni on Orphne and her species[src]

The species first appeared through Orphne in Mercy Mission, the fifth episode of the animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars fourth season.[5] She was voiced by voice actor Cara Pifko.[3]

In a Q&A interview, Clone Wars supervising director Dave Filoni was asked whether Orphne was force-sensitive. His reply was her ability to disappear as a cloud of light was in fact a magical ability. He likened Orphne to a light side-equivalent of the Nightsisters; although she was not a direct Force user, her powers did stem from the Force. Despite her databank entry[1] stating her species is reptillian in heritage, Filoni called her a 'frog lady'[2]



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