The Solo Slingshot was a maneuver developed during the Yuuzhan Vong War by Han Solo to sling a ship away from enemy pursuit in an unexpected direction.

During a flight to Bastion that was ambushed, Solo flew the Millennium Falcon straight toward a dovin basal at full speed. Using his considerable piloting skills to keep control of his own ship and terminate the flight just before reaching the gravitic anomaly, Solo used the dovin basal's gravity to take hold of the ship. This maneuver caused the ship to effectively "slingshot" away from the dovin basal and any pursuing craft not proficient with the maneuver or lucky enough to head the same way as the ship's new trajectory.

Many New Republic ships became proficient in this piloting technique and gained an element of surprise until the Yuuzhan Vong themselves began to take advantage of the tactic by the time of the siege of Bilbringi.

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