«And trade in Son-tuul is clearly most profitable.»

Son-tuul was a jungle planet located in the Outer Rim Territories. It was the base of the Son-tuul Pride, a criminal organization[1] and one of the five syndicates.[3] Darth Vader attacked the Son-tuul Pride and liberated it's cache of credits. A group of mercenaries then met at a cantina on the planet[1] to steal those credits from Vader's forces.[4] Later on, a new crew of mercenaries, led by Chelli Aphra, was formed by the Son-tuul Pride to search for their leader 0-0-0's memories.[2] Shortly after they were recovered, the Empire attacked and destroyed the Son-tuul Pride.[5] 0-0-0 survived and left the planet to search for Aphra.[6]

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The Son-tuul Pride base

Son-tuul was a planet covered in vast jungles, forests and mountains. Located in the Outer Rim Territories, it had a breathable atmosphere.[1] Its settlements were built between the trees with rope bridges and spiral stairs around them and were regularly patrolled by Imperial stormtroopers.[2] Son-tuul was also home to the Son-tuul Pride, a crime syndicate[1] and the sixth member of the Five syndicates.[3] Their main base was based within the jungles of Son-tuul.[1] It was located in the same sector as Mygeeto and the Anthan system.[4]

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