The Son-tuul Pride robbery was carried out shortly after the Battle of Yavin when Imperial forces, under the command of Grand General Cassio Tagge, begun a crackdown on Outer Rim criminal interests who had gone unchecked in the past. Darth Vader took part in a mission to terminate a criminal organization known as Son-tuul Pride. He and his troops destroyed the Pride's base and seized its hordes of credits, to be transported on a Imperial light cruiser, but he also secretly sent Aphra all the information needed to steal the credits cargo. Aphra summoned bounty hunters Black Krrsantan, Bossk, IG-90 and Beebox in a cantina on Son-tuul where she told them that she had inside information which would allow them to capture the hoarded credits and get away.[1]

With the aid of the bounty hunters, Aphra intercepted the light cruiser carrying the credits above Anthan Prime. She detonated an asteroid orbiting the planet, creating a debris field that the cruiser was unable to maneuver around. Using the cover of the asteroid collision, Aphra fired an ion torpedo at the vessel, crippling its electrical systems. With the cruiser dead in space, Aphra, Bossk, IG-90, and Beebox crossed the vacuum to board the vessel. Once on board, the team gained access to the ship's vault, where they were confronted by three Viper probe droids. Aphra disabled the droids using an Electro Magnetic Pulse grenade and the bounty hunters made quick work of their husks.[4]

Aphra then planted a homing beacon on the vault and led her team back out of the cruiser. With the team safely back aboard the Ark Angel, Black Krrsantan, in his own ship, towed an asteroid into a collision course with the hull of the cruiser, ripping the ship apart and releasing the credits into space. BT-1, who had positioned himself on the outer hull of the ship, then generated a magnetic field, capturing some of the credits. Aphra, who had promised the bounty hunters a bigger score, attempted to placate them by fronting the expense of the operation. Later, on Anthan 13, where she and Krrsantan had secretly collected the rest of the credits, Aphra was approached by Vader, the mastermind of the entire scheme, who gave her a new assignment.[4]

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