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Sondiv Sella was a male individual who served as a cargo pilot in the Alliance to Restore the Republic. He later served as a top official in the New Republic, serving alongside Mon Mothma and Leia Organa, among others. Together, they tried to maintain stability in the galaxy as the New Republic emerged as the dominant political entity in the months following the Battle of Endor. In the year 5 ABY, Sella held the title of Councillor. Although his homeworld of Hosnian Prime was represented in the Republic Senate by Yuprin Arlo, the councilman served to help wrangle the different committees and subcommittees. Sondiv was a parent to Korr Sella, who went on to enter public service like her father.


During the Galactic Civil War, Sondiv Sella severed as a cargo pilot in the Alliance to Restore the Republic. Following the Battle of Endor, Sella became a councilman in the New Republic's Galactic Senate[1] in 5 ABY.[3] He represented his homeworld of Hosnian Prime alongside Senator Yuprin Arlo. As councilman, Sella helped to wrangle the different committees and subcommittees.[1] As the New Republic wrested control of the galaxy from the Galactic Empire, Sella served alongside Chancellor Mon Mothma and Princess Leia Organa in the Senate.[2]

Prior to the Battle of Jakku, Sella attended a meeting of the Committee for Imperial Reallocation. Though Mothma's adviser Auxi Kray Korbin adjourned the meeting per Mothma's orders, he stayed behind to ask Mothma how her health was faring. Mothma replied that her arm was undergoing therapy exercises in the wake of the attack on Chandrila a few months earlier. Despite not being able to vote in the Senate, Sella promised to help her by ushering the committees along to fruition and to speak on her behalf before the coming election. Sella then bid Mothma farewell.[1]

After Mothma's political rival Senator Tolwar Wartol leaked news of the Imperial presence on Jakku to the HoloNet, Sella contacted Mothma and told her to turn on the HoloNet News. Following the Battle of Jakku, Mothma appointed Sella as her new secondary adviser to replace the late Auxi, who had been assassinated by Wartol. Sella along with his fellow adviser Sinjir Rath Velus (a former Imperial loyalty officer) and Organa accompanied Mothma during the peace negotiations with Grand Vizier Mas Amedda. These peace negotiations led to the Galactic Concordance which formally ended hostilities between the New Republic and the Galactic Empire.[1]

Sondiv later fathered a daughter named Korr Sella, who worked as a member of Organa's senatorial staff in 28 ABY.[4]

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Sondiv Sella was a male who served as a councilman during the rise of the New Republic. He was a functionary who managed the various committees and sub-committees of the Galactic Senate. Sella had a great deal of respect for Mothma and asked her how her health was faring. He later became an adviser to the Chancellor and took part in the peace negotiations that produced the Galactic Concordance.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Sondiv Sella was first mentioned in Claudia Gray's 2015 young reader novel Lost Stars. He was also identified as the father of The Force Awakens character Korr Sella in Gray's 2016 novel Bloodline. Sella made his first appearance in Chuck Wendig's 2017 novel Aftermath: Empire's End, the third installment in Star Wars: The Aftermath Trilogy.



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