"The 'Song of Lojuun' has been rattling about my brain for the past thrity-six hours. I can remember less than half the lyrics, and the entire opera is banned by the Empire. I've searched and searched and can't find a single copy."
Captain Micha Evon, during the Battle on Vir Aphshire[src]

The Song of Lojuun was a musical piece from an opera written by the Bith species. The opera told the story of a Jedi Knight who returned from traveling the stars to save his people. The antiques dealer Antron Bach became fond of the song while living in solitude on a Geonosian colony moon and hummed the tune while bringing the Corellian Resistance member Miru Nadrinakar to his home.[1]

During Operation Mad Rush, shortly after the destruction of the First Death Star, Captain Micha Evon of the Alliance's 61st Mobile Infantry hummed the Song of Lojuun on Vir Aphshire, using it as a casual mention to start a conversation with then Private Hazram Namir.[2]

The song was banned by the Galactic Empire for its inclusion of Jedi.[2]

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The Song of Lojuun first appeared in the short story "The End of History", which was written by Alexander Freed and published in Star Wars Insider 154 in 2014.[1]

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