A sonic imprint sensor was a small device that allowed recording, splicing, and playback of voices. It could construct any phrase in a given voice if enough samples of that voice were available, allowing its owners to bypass voice locks.

One sonic imprint sensor was built as a prototype droid component by the maintenance officer of the Peragus Mining Facility. Later, the Jedi Exile used it to open an airlock leading to the surface of the asteroid the facility was located in.

What was unknown to the Exile, however, was that the maintenance officer had made some modifications proposed by an HK-50 droid—modifications which he himself did not quite understand, but which could be used by the HK-50 droids to track the sensor's owner. Later, HK-47 pointed the existence of the tracking mechanism to the Exile and suggested using it to locate the source of the tracking signal—the origin of the HK-50 droids.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Exile never has the chance to actually use the sensor against the HK-50s. Originally, the sensor was supposed to guide HK-47 to an HK-50 droid, whom he would interrogate to learn the location of the HK Manufacturing Plant. However, this was eventually cut from the game, along with the plant itself.

The design of the Sonic imprint sensor greatly resembles that of a SoroSuub Hush-98 comlink commonly used by Jedi.


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