A sonic pistol was a type of sonic weapon similar to a blaster pistol. It created a high-intensity sonic blast powerful enough to shatter solid objects and cause devastating injuries.


Designed as civilian's response to Jedi and Sith using lightsabers to deflect their attacks, the sonic pistol fired compressed bolts of pure sound at its target. Though slightly less powerful than standard energy weapons such as blasters and pulse-wave weapons, the sonic pistol was particularly effective against Jedi and Sith because the weapon's sonic bolt bent around the lightsaber, making deflection impossible.[1] Additionally, the sonic energy was sometimes able to disrupt a target's equilibrium, causing disorientation.[3]


While this standard version of sonic pistol did not have a dedicated stun setting, other sonic weapons such as Pacnorval's Sd-77 sonic pistol did have a stun setting.[4]

A slightly larger version of this weapon was the heavy sonic blaster, while an even larger rifle version was also produced. A notable model of sonic rifle was the Geonosian sonic blaster, which operated on similar principles as the pistol.

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