The sonic stunner was a weapon that could stun or send a sonic charge that could damage most sentients' ears and brain.


The sonic stunner fired a concentrated burst of sonic energy using technology similar to Geonosian sonic weapons. The sonic burst penetrated to the target's brain, causing great pain. This was likely the reason why it was employed by the Galactic Empire's T0-D interrogation droids. Unlike most other blasters, only the target of the sonic stunner heard any noise, making the weapon otherwise silent. This was likely the reason why it was considered illegal to own in all but the most highly regulated circumstances.[2]

Palandrix Personal Protection Gear manufactured such weapons.[1]


Assassin droid IG-72 was equipped with a sonic stunner.[4] IG-88 also had his own sonic stunner which he used to stun his bounties or destroy computers.

Urai Fen, the second-in-command of the Zann Consortium, was also known to use a sonic stunner.[5]



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