A sonic cannon being fired.

Used extensively by the Corporate Sector Authority, sonic weapons generated highly-focused bursts of sonic energy. Like blasters, most sonic weapons offered both stun settings in addition to their more lethal, full power settings. The former released a high-pitched wail that caused disorientation and/or loss of consciousness in anyone affected by the blast. The latter however, released a more concentrated sphere or "bolt" of Sonic energy. When set to full power, this bolt was comparable in its damaging properties to a blaster bolt; it could shatter solid objects and break bones. Unlike blasters, however, sonic weapons had the advantage of being able to function underwater, though they unfortunately required users to wear protective headgear in order to protect themselves from the effects of the sonic energy. In addition to this, Sonic weapons were also widely used against Jedi, as a Jedi attempting to block such an attack with his lightsaber would find that the bolt would simply pass around the blade, to strike with less—but still quite lethal—stopping power. This made them a popular choice for bounty hunters, and organizations such as the Knighthunters.

Sonic weapons existed in a variety of forms, the two most common being the sonic pistol and the sonic rifle. Both models operated upon the same principle, although the rifle offered greater power and range.

Due to the wide variety of lifeforms that populated the galaxy, sonic weapons had to be reset for use against members of different species, but their internal computers could usually store several settings.

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