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"Corruption is what happens when someone in power puts their own personal gain before the interests of the people they represent."
"So it's a result of greed?"
―Ahsoka Tano and Soniee[3]

Soniee, a Mandalorian human female, was a cadet of the Royal Academy of Government during the Clone Wars. While studying politics in order to become a future leader in the government of her home planet, Mandalore, Soniee attended the academy alongside her friends Amis, Lagos, and Korkie Kryze—nephew to Duchess Satine Kryze of the New Mandalorians. Her intelligence and affinity for technology were used to the advantage of her peers, who uncovered Prime Minister Almec's conspiracy to involve Mandalore in the black market trade network. Despite their effectiveness as a group, Soniee and her friends were unable to save the Duchess following the Death Watch takeover of Mandalore.


"We made a recording of a secret meeting between what we know was a government official and a black marketeer."
―Soniee, to Satine Kryze[3]

As a youth, Soniee entered the Royal Academy of Government on her home planet of Mandalore.[1] During her time as a cadet, she studied politics alongside her friends Amis, Lagos, and Korkie Kryze. In the course of their training, the academy hosted a lecture event given by Padawan Ahsoka Tano of the Jedi Order, who also served as a commander in the Galactic Republic military forces during the Clone Wars.[3]


During the Clone Wars, Soniee was a cadet of the Royal Academy of Government on Mandalore.

Galvanized by Tano's views on the correlation between politics and corruption, Soniee and her friends sought to discover the cause of the food shortage in Sundari, the capital city of Mandalore. As a result, they came to learn of a conspiracy involving corrupt practices at the highest level of the New Mandalorian government. Ultimately, Soniee helped her companions and Tano to expose Prime Minister Almec's illegal relationship with black marketeers, resulting in the minister's incarceration by order of Duchess Satine Kryze—Korkie's aunt and the leader of the New Mandalorians.[3]

In the aftermath of Duchess Satine's fall from power, Soniee assisted her old classmates in an attempt to rescue the former Mandalorian leader from Maul's Shadow Collective. Despite their efforts, however, the plan ended in failure as the Mandalorian super commandos reacquired the Duchess. Following the would-be jail break, Maul executed Satine and Sundari became the battleground of a new civil war.[4]

Personality and traits[]


Soniee took up arms to rescue Duchess Satine.

"These doors are heavily secured by the government."
"It won't be secure for long."
―Korkie Kryze and Soniee[3]

Soniee was a human female.[1] As an adolescent, she had brown hair, green eyes, and light skin.[3]

At a young age, Soniee was both intelligent and tech-savvy.[1] She was also among the best and brightest of Mandalorian youth, having gained entrance to the prestigious Royal Academy of Government which was responsible for training Mandalore's next generation of political leaders.[5] Her knowledge of technology was especially useful to her peers, who utilized Soniee's computer skills to infiltrate secure warehouses.[1]

While initially growing up under the pacifist ideology of the New Mandalorians under the Duchess Satine, Soniee eventually took up arms in an attempt to rescue the Duchess from Death Watch custody after their takeover of Mandalore.[4]

Behind the scenes[]

Soniee first appeared in "The Academy," the sixth episode in Season Three of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars television series. She was portrayed by voice actress Ashley Moynihan, who also voiced Teckla Minnau in "Pursuit of Peace." Soniee reappeared in the fifth season episode "The Lawless," albeit without dialogue.


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