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"We made a recording of a secret meeting between what we know was a government official and a black marketeer."
―Soniee shows her recording to Satine Kryze[src]

Soniee was a Human female student who attended at the Royal Academy of Government on Mandalore during the Clone Wars. She loved technology, so she always carried a display visor, a datapad, and a holocam.


Investigating corruptionEdit

"What are we going to do?"
―Soniee asks for a plan of action after escaping the police[src]

During the Clone Wars, a galactic conflict between the Galactic Republic and Confederacy of Independent Systems, the female Human Soniee lived in the New Mandalorians' capital city of Sundari on the neutral planet of Mandalore. There she studied as a student and cadet at the Royal Academy of Government, a leadership academy designed to educate Mandalore's future political leaders. At the academy she made friends with a number of other students including Lagos, Amis and Korkie Kryze, the nephew of Satine Kryze who was Duchess of Mandalore. While Soniee studied at the academy, trade routes to Mandalore were cut off by the Galactic Republic, which led to a huge increase in black market business and general corruption amongst the planet's populace and government. Aware of the rising corruption, Duchess Kryze, and her friend Republic Senator Padmé Amidala, asked that the Jedi Order to aid the planet in combating the problem. The order sent Jedi Padawan Ahsoka Tano to lecture on corruption in government at the Royal Academy of Government, in the hopes that she could teach the future leaders of Mandalore about the dangers of corruption so that they might avoid and combat it. Soniee and her friends were amongst those students whom Tano taught.[2]


Soniee and her classmates consider Tano's assignment

After a class taught by Tano, in which the Padawan set her students an assignment to complete, Soniee informed her friends that due to the food shortage the academy was out of supplies. They realized that this kept happening despite the fact that transports were bringing in plenty of supplies to Sundari, and inspired by Tano's class, decided to investigate if there truly was a food shortage. The four friends traveled to the Sundari warehouse district on a hover taxi, and there Soniee used her datapad to override a security panel which opened a locked blast door to a Government warehouse. Once inside the warehouse, Soniee and her friends found plentiful supplies of food, but heard others speaking within the warehouse, and snuck through the various crates and supplies until they found a secret meeting between a group of Gotal smugglers and a group of unmarked Mandalorian Guard officers lead by a hooded individual. Soniee then used her holocamera to record the meeting, but Amis lost his nerve and tried to leave, knocking Soniee's datapad to the floor as he did so. Knowing the sound had drawn attention the four students fled but were chased through the warehouse by the police. They managed to make it to the exit, but as Amis climbed through the police grabbed his legs and attempted to pull him back. While Lagos and Kryze helped pull Amis to safety, Soniee used the security panel to shut the door, separating them from their pursuers. The friends quickly returned to their academy quarters on the automated shuttle and agreed that they required help, with Kryze saying he would talk to his aunt the Duchess. The following day the students used their automated shuttle to travel to Satine Kryze's apartment at the Sundari Royal Palace, where they told the duchess of the food they had found in the warehouse and showed her the recording they had made. The duchess told the cadets she would handle the situation, but explained that they were in over their heads and that they should leave the rest of the investigation to her.

Bringing down AlmecEdit

"Oh great."
―Soniee is unimpressed by Amis revealing their crime to Ahsoka[src]

Annoyed at Kryze's reaction the group instead turned to Mandalore's Prime Minister Almec, contacting him by hologram from their quarters. Almec asked that the students meet with him in the Sundari Royal Palace plaza later that night, telling them all to come and to bring the recording. After agreeing to meet with the Prime Minister, Soniee and the others attended another of Tano's classes on corruption, where they revealed to her their investigation. Instead of being impressed, Tano questioned the students actions, particularly the fact that they had broken into the warehouse, and warned them to be careful. The students left the class feeling that Tano had acted much the same as the Duchess, and that night went ahead with their plan to meet Almec. At the plaza; however, instead of Almec the students found a trio of Mandalorian Secret Service agents, who declared they were under arrest for treason, corruption and conspiracy. As more agents appeared and surrounded the students, the group prepared to defend themselves, but were quickly outmatched by their foes. The students were saved; however, when Tano appeared and defeated the Secret Service in unarmed combat, sending them running. The Padawan theorized that Almec had set them up, and while the students were at first doubtful, Tano identified the hooded figure in Soniee's recording as the Prime Minister and the students agreed he must be a traitor. Kryze then lead the students and Tano back to the duchesses apartment to warn her, but there they found her guards dead and the duchess missing.[2]


A young Soniee with her friends

Tano and the students then formed a plan to save Kryze, and the Padawan brought Soniee and her friends as captives before Almec, claiming they were conspiring against him. The four friends were arrested and taken to Sundari prison, where Tano later visited them to inform them that Almec had the duchess in custody but would not reveal her location as they had hope he would. Tano left the students in their cell and promised to return, but when she did not they tried to formulate a plan on what to do next. Before they could take action, a Secret Service agent collected them from their cell and brought them before Almec and the duchess, as well as Tano, who had been captured. Almec tried to torture Korkie Kryze with a shock collar so that the duchess would sign a confession removing her from power, but before he could Tano and the students attacked their captors, with the four students working together to subdue several guards. Tano placed the collar on Almec and he called for his men to surrender, after which the corrupt officers and agents, along with Almec, were arrested and imprisoned. With the corruption removed, Tano left Mandalore after saying a fond farewell to Soniee and the others.[2]

Takeover of MandaloreEdit


Soniee and her friends breaking Duchess Satine out of prison

Later during the Clone Wars, in around 20 BBY, Soniee was still living on Mandalore when the Shadow Collective, a coalition of various criminal factions working for the Sith Darth Maul, took over Mandalore. Initially Pre Vizsla, leader of the Death Watch Mandalorian faction was put in power in Sundari by Maul, with Satine being arrested and imprisoned in Sundari Prison again. Maul; however, then executed Vizsla and replaced him with Almec, who was re-established as Prime Minister. While Almec was in power, Soniee and her friends planned to free the duchess and teamed up with the Nite Owls, a faction of the Death Watch lead by Bo-Katan Kryze, who refused to serve Maul after he murdered Vizsla. The group traveled to the prison where Soniee, lagos, Amis and several Nite Owls remained with their vehicles while Korkie and Bo-Katan made their way inside to free Satine. Once the duchess was free she boarded a airspeeder, which Soniee then provided escort for while riding a Balutar-class swoop. The escaping group were spotted by Mandalorians loyal to Maul, who attacked them and managed to damage the duchess's vehicle enough to force it to land. Soniee landed with the duchess and defended her from the attacking Mandalorians while she tried to get a signal on Korkie's comlink so she could contact the Jedi High Council. Despite Soniee and the other's best efforts, the duchess was recaptured, although not before she made contact with the Jedi. Satine was later executed by Maul after the Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi attempted to rescue her.[3]

Personality and traitsEdit

"These doors are heavily secured by the government."
"They won't be secured for long.
―Korkie Kryze and Soniee break into the government warehouse[src]

Soniee was a smart and particularly technically gifted student, making use of a number of gadgets and devices during her investigation of corruption on Mandalore. She was able to hack a locked blast door to open it, and knew how to record scenes using a holocam. When Ahsoka Tano taught classes on corruption at the Royal Academy of Government, Soniee paid attention and asked questions during the class, later agreeing to act on what she had learnt. When she and her friends broke into a government warehouse her friend Amis claimed the group should leave after hearing voices, but Soniee encouraged him to stay and investigate.[2] When the Shadow Collective took over Mandalore, Soniee was willing to risk her life and fight to free Duchess Satine.[3]


Soniee always carried a datapad, a holocam and wore a display visor. She wore a grey uniform while studying at the academy[2] and later during the Battle of Sundari wore burgundy clothing. During the battle she also made use of a blaster pistol and a Balutar-class swoop.[3]

Behind the scenesEdit

Soniee first appeared in The Academy, the sixth episode of the third season of The Clone Wars. The episode aired in 2010 and in it Soniee was portrayed by voice actress Ashley Moynihan. When Soniee slices through the lock on the warehouse in the episode, her computer screen says "ENTRARE," which is Italian for "enter." Soniee then appeared again in the sixteenth episode of the fifth series, titled The Lawless which aired in 2013, although she had no lines of dialogue in the episode. It is not made clear in the episode what happens to Soniee after Satine is recaptured.


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