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Sonniod was a former smuggler and associate of Han Solo.


Sonniod originally got into the business as a favor for his cousin. At the time, he traveled various backwater planets, maintaining holoprojectors and supplying features for a regional chain of holotheaters. Meanwhile, his cousin operated a small establishment on a planet run by a repressive religious group, selling chak-root on the side. When her regular smuggler, Han Solo, quit after nearly being caught, she turned to her cousin for help.

Sonniod spent a few months supplying chak-root for his cousin, and began to do other smuggling jobs as well. Along the way, he met up with several other smugglers, including Solo himself. Though the credits were good, Sonniod soon got tired of being shot at. He changed his focus to running legitimate cargoes around the border worlds of the Corporate Sector—a safer, but less lucrative career.

In 2 BBY, he helped his old associate Han Solo by bringing a new holo, Love is Waiting, to his makeshift holotheater on Kamar. Unfortunately, the Kamarian Badlanders had a religious devotion to Solo's previous feature (Varn, World of Water). When they rioted, Solo and Sonniod both had to flee.

Shortly afterward, however, Sonniod had an idea. He brought a new holoprojector and a copy of Varn, World of Water to Kamar, and began regular showings. Accepted by the Cult of Varn as a prophet, Sonniod organized some of the locals to operate the holoprojector and act as "priests". In return, he took a share of the trade goods the Badlanders left as offerings.



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