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Sora Bulq was a Weequay Jedi who served the Jedi Order. Bulq trained Galdos Stouff as their padawan. After Obi-Wan Kenobi discovered that the Separatists had been building up their own droid army on Geonosis, Bulq and Stouff, along with 200 other readily available Jedi were dispatched to the desert planet, and subsequently took part in the First Battle of Geonosis.

Bulq was later present in a meeting in the Jedi Temple in which the dastardly cyborg leader of the droid army, Grievous, demonstrated his wrath to the Jedi, by torturing their fellow Jedi, Eeth Koth live through the use of a hologram for them to see. After the Jedi Temple hangar was bombed, Bulq attended the funeral for those that had lost their lives.


The Battle of Geonosis[]

By 22 BBY,[3] tensions between the Galactic Republic and a rising faction known as the Confederacy of Independent Systems were growing at an alarming rate. After senator Padmé Amidala of Naboo narrowly survived multiple assassination attempts, it was discovered that the bounty hunter Jango Fett was behind it. Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi subsequently followed the Mandalorian to the barren world of Geonosis, discovering that the Separatists had been developing their own droid army, and contacted the Jedi Temple about his findings. Moments after sending a hologram, the Jedi was discovered and captured. Mace Windu then made the decision to assemble a Jedi assault team, made up of the 200 available Jedi to crush the droid army the Separatists had been creating, and to rescue Obi Wan.[1]


Bulq amongst the survivors in the Petranaki arena.

Sora Bulq, as well as their apprentice, Galdos Stouff were two of the many Jedi sent out to Geonosis, as part of the Jedi assault team.[1] During the battle, both Bulq and Stouff managed to defeat a dozen of encircling Geonosian guards.[2] After fighting valiantly against the newfound Separatist Droid Army for the majority of the battle, Sora Bulq, along with the other surviving Jedi eventually found themselves totally outnumbered by their mechanical foes, leaving them with no choice, but to form a defensive circle. Just as it seemed that all hope was lost, and that the Jedi had lost the battle, multiple republic gunships stormed the arena, with a brand new army of clone soldiers to back the Jedi. The gunships then landed, allowing for Sora Bulq and the other survivors to escape the arena.[1]

A message from Grievous[]


Bulq and other Jedi watched Grievous's transmission.

One year later, in 21 BBY,[3] a meeting was called at the Jedi Temple communication center of which many Jedi, including Sora Bulq, attended. The Weequay Jedi was already present when the leader of the Separatist Droid Army, General Grievous, appeared on the holoprojector with a daunting message for the Jedi, informing them that he had captured the Jedi High Council member Eeth Koth. He taunted them as he expressed his hatred of their politics and their Republic, and that he only lived to see them die. Sora Bulq and the other Jedi watched in horror as Grievous threw Jedi Master Eeth Koth to the ground and one of his MagnaGuards began torturing him with its electrostaff.[4]

The Jedi Temple Bombing[]


Sora Bulq attended the funeral for the Jedi that had died in the Jedi Temple Hangar bombing.

In the final year of the Clone Wars, 19 BBY,[3] Sora Bulq was present in the Jedi Temple at the time of a bombing incident, in which the Jedi Temple hanger had exploded, causing the death of several clones, workers and six Jedi. During the investigation, led by Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano, Sora Bulq walked past and witnessed Anakin enter the Jedi Temple Detention Center in order to question their prime suspect, Letta Turmond.[5] Sora Bulq later attended the funeral of the six Jedi that had been killed in the explosion, and silently and solemnly stood, listening to Jedi Master Yoda's eulogy for the fallen.[6]

Personality and traits[]

Sora Bulq had black hair, brown eyes, and dark skin. They revered their position as a Jedi, and attended meetings they weres needed in.[4] They were also shown to be respectful, attending the funeral for those who had lost their lives in a bombing attack at the Jedi Temple.[6]

Powers and abilities[]

Sora Bulq was a capable warrior, after fighting valiantly against the Separatist droid army which considerably outnumbered the Jedi. The Weequay Jedi managed to fight their way through the entirety of the battle and was one of the few survivors.[1]


Sora Bulq used a blue lightsaber and wore Jedi robes along with Jedi Commander armor.[1]

Behind the scenes[]


The character model for Sora Bulq used throughout the Clone Wars television series.

Sora Bulq first appeared as a background character in the 2002 film Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones. Bulq's background story was heavily expanded upon in the now Star Wars Legends continuity, with his character being the focus of several stories, in which he fell to the dark side, becoming one of Dooku's top subordinates. Sora Bulq later appeared as an unnamed background character in the Star Wars: The Clone Wars television series season two episode "Grievous Intrigue." The Weequay Jedi seen in the episode was not confirmed to be Bulq, until the episode guide for the episode was released, where it was revealed that the character model had been labelled with the name Sora Bulq.[7]



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