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This squadron was one of six squadrons that formed the 204th Imperial Fighter Wing, a fighter wing commanded by Colonel Shakara Nuress of the Galactic Empire. The squadron was led by Major Soran Keize. They participated in the destruction of Nacronis as part of Operation: Cinder, where Keize ordered his squadron to intercept the first rebel defenders.[1]


Battle above CatadraEdit

When Shadow Wing initiated the Attack on Cerberon, Colonel Soran Keize and his squadron of TIEs lured New Republic starfighters into a Battle above Catadra in an attempt to split up and confuse General Hera Syndulla's forces. The squadron was made up of TIE pilots; Lieutenant Palal Seedia and Lieutenant Vann Bragheer, borrowed from Shadow Wing's other squadrons, and nine training drones, which were programmed to follow Keize's TIE fighter. Kieze was the only survivor, however he succeeded in his plan to divert New Republic forces. Keize rejoined the main attack and ordered Shadow Wing's TIEs to destroy Syndulla's remaining forces, which included the destruction of the Lodestar and the attack on the city of Troithe.[2]

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