―Sorgan children, after witnessing Grogu attempt to eat a frog[src]

Sorgan frogs[3] were a species of turquoise-skinned, one-eyed frogs native to the planet Sorgan. Around 9 ABY,[4] while visiting a village on the planet with Din Djarin, Grogu attempted to eat one of these frogs before stopping when the girl Winta and several other children reacted in disgust, allowing for the frog to escape into a nearby trough.[1]

Several of them were being prepared as food for Bib Fortuna at his palace around 9 ABY, but escaped while Boba Fett was pursuing a LEP-series service droid.[5]

Behind the scenes[]

"Hasbro's Star Wars: The Black Series The Child figure stands at just 1.12-inches tall, with premium detail, multiple points of articulation, and accessories including a bone broth cup, a ball, and a tasty Sorgan frog."
―StarWars.com description of the figure[src]

Sorgan frogs appeared in "Chapter 4: Sanctuary," an episode of the first season of Jon Favreau's television series The Mandalorian. The episode was directed by Bryce Dallas Howard and aired on Disney+[1] on November 29, 2019.[6] On December 23 of that year, the creatures were subsequently identified as Sorgan frogs in a StarWars.com article detailing merchandise from the show. The article revealed that a frog figure would come as an accessory for the Child in the Star Wars: The Black Series toyline.[3]



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