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The Sorkis were the indigenous inhabitants of the Core world of Serob 6.

Most of them dwelt underwater by preference. Only 1% of the population of the floating capital city of their homeworld, Kells, was made up of Sorkis.

The aquatic Sorkis were humanoids with webbed feet and hands. They had translucent bodies varying in color from green to blue, with their internal organs visible.

A long crest ran from the top of a Sorki's head to the base of the back. They were physically incapable of speaking Basic. Their native language resembled the communicative abilities of dolphins.

A people who believed in maintaining harmony with nature, they restricted tourism and industry under the Galactic Republic to avoid destroying their environment. Unfortunately, the Galactic Empire ignored such restrictions, and the Sorkis feared this would damage their world's ecosystem.

The Sorkis were famous for their unique psychiatric therapeutic technique of "mental projection." This technique turned a patient's memories into a virtual-reality world in which other beings could be immerse and interact with projected elements. The technique was somewhat dangerous. An individual "wounded" or even "destroyed" in a patient's memory-world could, in the real world, suffer permanent mental damage. Alternately, interaction could result in an individual's personality becoming confused with a patient's, and becoming amoral, immoral, or even sociopathic.


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