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The SoroSuub (sometimes also rendered as Soro Suub) Corporation was a massive Sullustan corporation that specialized in mineral processing, but contained divisions and subdivisions which handled everything from energy mining to food packaging. Potential employees were trained at the SoroSuub Business Academy, on the planet Sullust, before being allowed into the company.


The company's tech division developed and produced weapons, droids, sensors, vehicles, and other common technological goods. SoroSuub also employed about half the population of Sullust and maintained the Sullustan Home Guard.

During the last days of the Galactic Republic, SoroSuub strongly dominated and influenced the Commerce Guild, which supported the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Beolars Bribbs was CEO at that time, as well as President of the Sullustan Council. At that time, SoroSuub had a strong presence in the Cularin system.[1] Their security was lax enough so that dark Jedi Karae Nalvas stole one ship prototype from their facilities; but an independent party returned it during the Festival of 31 BBY.[2] During that same party, SoroSuub's representative Miim Te'Suub annual speech was disturbed by an overimposed logo of another business organization, the Metatheran Cartel. Disgruntled, Te'Suub held a heated debate with Cartel's representative Thurm Loogg, with the mediation of diplomats and Jedi consuls. Later, after some independent pilots avoided a disaster in Tolea Biqua, SoroSuub gifted one of them with the Sivulliq, a SoroSuub RK-720 Light Freighter.[3]

During the early days of the Galactic Civil War, SoroSuub allied itself with the Galactic Empire to protect its holdings and even took control of the planetary government, toppling the planet's president. SoroSuub was a major player in the Empire's New Order. Due to Sullustan objections, an Alliance coup of the company aided by Nien Nunb, industrial sabotage and piracy, SoroSuub eventually sided with the Rebel Alliance, providing Liberator Cruisers and Dauntless Cruisers to the Alliance, and later restored the Sullustan Council. SoroSuub remained a major producer well into the New Republic era.

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SoroSuub advertisement that appeared in HoloNet News.

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FA-5 valet droid.




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