Soron Hegerty was a Human female xenobiologist who served the Galactic Empire and Imperial Remnant.


Soron Hegerty was raised in the Apgar system by her father, a member of the Grand Army of the Republic. With the coming of the New Order, her father was ordered to take control of the system from the elected leadership. With his influence, Soron gained employment with the Imperial Species Identification Bureau. Her career was short lived however, as her recommendations were frequently ignored, largely due to the Human High Culture policy of the Galactic Empire. Becoming disillusioned, she began to cooperate with the Rebel Alliance. After discovering the Ssither, she faked her own death in a crash, to work with the species, later spearheading the effort to relocate them from Jatee to Butler's Cove.

During the Yuuzhan Vong War, on the urging of Moff Crowal, she helped the Jedi in their search for Zonama Sekot and was on board the Jade Shadow when the planet was located. She was almost kidnapped by a group Ferroans unwelcome to the Jedi.

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