The soul was an element found in many religions and cultures, often thought to be a non-corporeal culmination of an individual's being, unique for every living thing.

Specific occurrencesEdit

The EwoksEdit

In Ewok mythology, individuals had a spiritual connection to a tree. These were referred to as Soul Trees.[1]

The MandaloriansEdit

The concept of a soul existed in Mandalorian culture. The famous Mandalorian war chant, the Vode An, referred to the soul. Translated into Galactic Basic Standard, the chant claimed that "Every last traitorous soul shall kneel" and "Every last traitorous soul shall fall.".[2]

The MizxEdit

The soul was an element in Mizx mythology. The Mizx—native to Randorn 2—believed that every member of their species had a soul. If a Mizx was killed by the ibliton, a predator native to Randorn, the Mizx performed banishing rites to cleanse the soul. Otherwise, it was believed, the dead Mizx would reincarnate as an ibliton. The ibliton were believed to be avatars of Hershoon the Destroyer, conjured from the Destroyer's own soul as he lay dying.[3]


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