The soul stealer was a talisman that attempted to possess the bodies of nearby individuals and compel them to try and kill others. At some point, the artifact became a part of the collection maintained by the Jedi Humat. He kept the soul stealer in the Cell of Imu on the planet Coruscant. Over time, the Cell of Imu became buried under rising skyscrapers, but eventually a group of individuals managed to enter it and retrieve the soul stealer.


The soul stealer was a milky-white talisman that had the ability to attempt to possess the bodies of individuals present in the same room with it and compel those individuals to kill anyone they saw.[1]


At some point, the artifact fell into the possession of Humat, an eccentric member of the Jedi Order who lived more than nineteen thousand years before the Galactic Civil War. The soul stealer subsequently became the centerpiece of Humat's collection of unusual mystical artifacts, many of which had evil applications.[1]

Humat stored his collection on the planet Coruscant in the catacomb known as the Cell of Imu, which was protected from would-be thieves by deadly traps, with the soul stealer being kept in the innermost chamber of the structure. The Cell of Imu became buried over the following millennia under the rising skyscrapers of the Petrax Quarter.[1]

The catacomb became uncovered at some point, however, when a construction droid razed one of the district's tall buildings, allowing archaeologists to access the Cell of Imu. Subsequently, a group of individuals were recruited to penetrate the structure's traps. The members of the group managed to do so and retrieve the soul stealer despite the artifact attempting to possess them.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The soul stealer was introduced in the 2003 sourcebook Coruscant and the Core Worlds, which was published by Wizards of the Coast for use with the Star Wars Roleplaying Game. In the book, the artifact was featured in a roleplaying adventure, which this article assumes plays out as described.[1]


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