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"Did you see that? That craft didn't look Geonosian."
"Confirmed, it's unidentified. I'll check the intelligence databanks."
RC-1140 and CC-01/425, upon sighting the Soulless One on Geonosis[src]

The Soulless One was the personal starfighter of General Grievous, who used it during much of the Clone Wars for the Confederacy of Independent Systems, often when he would make his retreat from a doomed victory.


"You know, integral hyperspace capability is rather useful in a starfighter; why don't we have it yet?"
―Obi-Wan Kenobi, lamenting the capabilities of Galactic Republic starfighters[src]

Soulless One cross-section.

The Soulless One was a modified Belbullab-22 starfighter,[1] a fast and agile prong-shaped vessel produced by Feethan Ottraw Scalable Assemblies. Grievous considered his fighter to be a vision of the future of warfare, with a powerful arsenal consisting of two sets of triple rapid-fire laser cannons. The starfighter was easily able to match the Porax-38 starfighter for speed, fitted with twin ion drives and an extremely powerful hyperdrive.[2]

Grievous modified his fighter with a top-of-the-line hyperdrive allowing the cyborg general to stay mobile on a galaxy-wide scale.[2] In order to remain in touch with his forces while flying his fighter, a powerful but compact HoloNet transceiver was installed onboard, allowing Grievous to slice into legitimate and pirate networks.[2] He also outfitted the Soulless One with a deflector shield, and had the entire hull coated in a thin layer of impervium, making the fighter impenetrable to all but the heaviest of enemy fire. The starfighter was originally designed for a biological pilot, and the one-pilot cockpit was equipped with a life-support system. This feature came in useful when Obi-Wan Kenobi, having destroyed Grievous on Utapau, appropriated the late general's starfighter, and used it to reach safe refuge aboard the Sundered Heart.


After the first battle of the Clone Wars, and the Confederacy's first defeat, Grievous used the fighter to secretly escape Geonosis, although it was seen by the Republic commandos of Delta Squad and went unidentified at that time.[5] Grievous and the fighter later appeared on Kashyyyk, where the commandos were able to get visual confirmation of the general and his fighter. However, Grievous' IG-100 MagnaGuards spotted them and Grievous quickly used it to escape.

During the Battle of the Kaliida Nebula, Grievous took the Soulless One to pursue the Twilight but as the Malevolence crashed into the nearby moon, Grievous had to leave.[6]

Profile view of Soulless One.

Grievous also used the fighter as an escape ship on various missions. One such occasion was near the conclusion of the Battle of Bothawui[7]. During the fight, Grievous' frigate sustained heavy damage and he was forced to flee. Anakin Skywalker spotted him and chased after the Soulless One in his Jedi starfighter, detecting that Grievous' hyperdrive was activating and intent on preventing his escape. He shot at the ship continually, but Grievous proved to be a worthy pilot, rivaling even Skywalker, as he dodged every shot and escaped without a scratch.

Grievous later used the Soulless One to escape the crumbling Skytop Station after a skirmish.[8] Ahsoka Tano had managed to sever his right hand in a duel, but he managed to pilot the ship even with just his left hand. He also used it as a transport to his lair,[9] where its primary hangar was.

In the last year of the Clone Wars, the Soulless One remained on a secret landing pad on the planet of Utapau. After losing in a lightsaber duel to Obi-Wan Kenobi, Grievous retreated to the secret landing pad closely followed by Kenobi. The two engaged in a fight and it ended when Obi-Wan shot Grievous dead.[3] After Order 66 was activated, Obi-Wan stole the fighter and used it to reach the Sundered Heart.[3]

The Soulless One remained in the Sundered Heart's docking bay until Kenobi used it to reach Nar Shaddaa, with the infant Luke Skywalker. There, the Jedi Master sold the starfighter for passage to the planet Tatooine and credits for Skywalker's future caretakers.[10]

The Soulless One was eventually tracked down by Imperial authorities and brought to Emperor Palpatine's secret storehouse on Utapau, where it was kept for use by N-K Necrosis during the Galactic Civil War. When N-K Necrosis was destroyed in 1 ABY by a group of spacers, they took the Soulless One for themselves.[4]

Behind the scenes[]

In the De-Coded repeat of "Downfall of a Droid," when Grievous was escaping his frigate, Soulless One's name was revealed in one of the information bubbles, and it also comically stated that some Jedi might call it the "Spineless One," a reference to how Grievous has cowardly fled several battles with it.

In The Clone Wars TV series, the fighter has twin single-barrel laser cannons, whereas previous sources state that the fighter has twin triple-barrel laser cannons.



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