"We worship the Left-Handed God, the Soulworm, the Lady with the Locust Heart. We worship evil, my handsome child."

The Soulworm was an evil deity worshiped by the cult of the Five, whom Suzal mentioned to Han Solo.[1]

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In the cancelled Hyperspace article Cult Encounters of the Star Wars Universe by Joseph Bongiorno, there are many "Soulworm cults" scattered throughout the galaxy, including the Five. The Soulworm, also known as El'Shuddem (meaning "the charnel god") or the Eternal Burrower, is the primary deity in the Niman pantheon. It was once a being so consumed by jealousy and evil that it transformed into a monstrous shape and was banished to the center of the galaxy to devour itself for all time. It is the progenitor of monsters such as exogorths, Leviathans, kdaks, and silans.[2]

The apocryphal novella Supernatural Encounters: The Trial and Transformation of Arhul Hextrophon, also by Joseph Bongiorno, greatly expands on the Soulworm. Tilotny, tricked by her father Wutzek into transforming into a hideous monster, becomes the horrible El'Shuddem. Filled with shame and self-loathing, the Soulworm devours herself as her monstrous offspring burrow out of her flesh. In addition to the creatures listed above, she also gives birth to the barracles, glooths, schingas, Nharqis'Al, hulgren, wandrella, k'lor'slugs, spice eels, squollyhawlks, and other monsters. Finally, in her last moments, El'Shuddem created her last child, Abeloth, in the image of her former beautiful form as Tilotny.[3]



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