Spaarti Creations was a unique factory on the planet Cartao. It was situated among a group of forested hills north of Foulahn City and three kilometers northwest of Triv Spaceport. It was over a kilometer at its largest and rising three stories. It was commented that it was "an architectural version of a weed patch". It had three satellite facilities called "Outlinks" that stretched into the forested areas north and west of the main facility. Raw materials and finished products were stored there and a third one was used as a worker barracks.

Using a "fluid retooling" unique to their species, they could adjust the Spaarti factory overnight to produce virtually any product, and the results were almost always superior to similar items on the market. But in the year 21 BBY, the factory was destroyed by a remote-steered Republic Gunship that crashed on the roof and started a fire, that melted the priceless Cranscoc technology.

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