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Space Fortress

The Space Fortress was a spherical battle station utilized by the New Galactic Empire during the events of the Aquilaean campaign.

Jedi General Luke Skywalker, upon learning of the Empire's attempts to attack Aquilae, scrambled Devil Squadron to attack the Space Fortress as it drew closer to the planet. Skywalker then informed their leader to use a Ranger Defense on the station, and focus on the station's lock areas and breath ports. They did so, resulting in several Imperial personnel being sucked into the vacuum of space and heavily damaging Sector 2-A. 1-7. The droids C-3PO and R2-D2 eventually escaped via escape pods.

Ultimately the first attack on the station was a failure. Princess Leia and Annikin Starkiller were later brought aboard the station after they had been captured by the Empire, although they later escaped with the help of former Knight of Sith Valorum. Shortly afterwards, the Space Fortress ended up destroyed by General Skywalker and a squadron composed of Wookiees.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

The Space Fortress was one of the places in the 1974 rough draft for Star Wars. It was ultimately made into the Death Star in the final version of Star Wars. It later appeared in the 2013 comic adaptation by Dark Horse comics, The Star Wars.

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