The Space Master medium transport was a cargo vessel built by Kuat Drive Yards.[2]


Manufactured by Kuat Drive Yards, the "Space Master" designation referred to the craft's impressive cargo capacity and use of space,[1] and was KDY's version of the Gallofree Yards GR-75 medium transport.[2]

Designed to makes use of every spare meter of space to store cargo,[1] the Space Master followed a similar design concept to the GR-75, being built around a central spar with numerous attachment points for modular cargo pods.[2] This resulted in a ship that while slightly smaller, slower, and less maneuverable than the competing GR-75,[2] was nevertheless capable of carrying an impressive nineteen thousand metric tons of cargo like its larger competitor.[1]

Despite slight loss in functionality, the Space Master held several benefits over its competitor, namely spacious accommodations for crew and passengers in the ship's saucer-shaped command section, and multiple stock weapon mounts for defensive laser cannons, and additional hardpoints for further customization.[2]

A common ship, these unassuming vessels operated across the galaxy, moving freight from one location to the other,[2] and were popular with smugglers.[1] Many CEC designers joked that most Space Master Captains were only hauling at half their capacity because they hadn't figured out where all the storage compartments were; while this was a slight exaggeration, many cargo compartments were so hard to reach that they were commonly used to smuggle illegal cargo, lending to its popularity with smugglers.[1]


The Goshyn Queen, a Space Master, was the flagship of the smuggler Billey.


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