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"That's no moon. It's a space station."
Obi-Wan Kenobi, upon seeing the Death Star[src]

The space station known as the Death Star

Space stations were artificial structures in space.[1] Some, like the Citadel of Rur[2] and Faos Station,[3] were stationed independently in deep space or even in nebulas.[4] Most stations[source?] were capable of being in orbit of astronomical objects, such as the Sorca Retreat.[5]

Stations commissioned for military use often had emplacements of defensive mechanisms consisting of technologies like turbolaser batteries. Some stations could mobilize and navigate through both realspace and hyperspace.[6]

The Death Star[7] and DS-2 Death Star II Mobile Battle Station[8] were constructed by the command of Darth Sidious, publicly known as the Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic and later Emperor of the Galactic Empire.[7] The two Death Stars were also classified as battle stations, a type of space station.[6][8]

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