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A wraithbound Jedi.

Space wraiths were a Force-sensitive parasitic species. Space wraiths had the ability to possess the minds of sentient beings, including force-sensitives, via a preternaturally powerful form of telepathy. In their natural states, Space wraiths had no corporeal body, but rather existed as pure thought. In this state, they existed in the Netherworld of the Force, until a suitable host was found in the corporeal world. At such a time, the Space Wraith would dominate the will of a host through sheer thought, then inhabit its brain with its own consciousness. Such "wraithbound" hosts where possessed of the wraiths supernatural telepathic abilities, and in the case of a force user, their force powers. Space Wraiths could be killed however, if the body ceased to function while the wraith was inside of it, in which case the mental capacities that the wraith depended on to exist would cease, destroying the parasite. To combat this, Space Wraith develop the tendency to jump from host to host. This is a time consuming process however, as it takes time for the parasite to extricate itself from a sentients consciousness due to the degree of control it must exert, as well as time for it to overwhelm a sentients mental defenses and then completely inhabit a body. During this time, the Wraith is extremely vulnerable, as it is extricating or entering it has very little control over its host, allowing said host, if its consciousness is intact, to move and do as it wishes. Said wraith, also, would be able to be destroyed during this process of said minutes, as it is still anchored to the hosts mind. Because of this, Space Wraith typically stay in the netherworld, in order to avoid complete destruction.

Despite these shortcomings, Space Wraiths can be deadly adversaries, as their telepathic abilities are more than capable of overwhelming even the strongest force users. Even should a force user mount a defense, it would only delay the inevitable, as the telepathic abilities are an extension of the Wraith itself, not of the force. Because of this, the telepathic and mind control abilities of the wraith will never tire or falter, while the force powers of its host will decline, due to the wraith using the hosts body and mind as a channel for the force. Because of this, a favorite tactic is to assault an opponent with a telepathic onslaught, breaking down an opponents defenses slowly. At first they might see things, shadows and shapes in the peripheral vision, as time goes on, the wraith can control what the opponent perceives as truly real; walls that don't exist, strikes that where supposed to be blocked, but somehow had landed. In the final stages, the Wraith can begin to take over motor functions, and finally, complete control.

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