The Spacebarn was an enormous facility on Nar Shaddaa owned and operated by Shug Ninx, a humanoid smuggler and master mechanic.


The facility was located deep under the spires of Nar Shaddaa, not far from the Corellian Sector. The only way to enter the Spacebarn was to navigate a narrow tunnel called The Chute. Many smugglers and associates of Ninx's were welcome to use his facility to repair and modify their ships. The Spacebarn was where many smugglers, including Han Solo, readied their craft prior to the Battle of Nar Shaddaa.

When Emperor Palpatine returned in a clone body six years after the Battle of Endor, Han Solo returned to Nar Shaddaa and met up with Shug Ninx. When Boba Fett and Dengar appeared, violence ensued and Ninx lost a prized ship to collateral damage caused by Solo.



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