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Spaceport THX1138 was a space station that was used as a starliner terminal by travel agencies that were members of the Galactic Tourist Bureau, including Star Tours. It was located in the Earth system, within the Fath sector.


The space station had three large docking areas, or wings, around a central superstructure, plus two other struts.[1] It was similar in design to a star base that operated earlier, during the Clone Wars.[4] Its billboards, advertisements, map displays, and arrival/departure screens displayed information in Aurebesh, High Galactic alphabet, and another written script.


Star Tours Tokyo entrance area

Video screen in Central Hall

  • Central Hall, including Levels A through D, included a large video screen that displayed advertising and information about the spaceport and its travel agencies. It also displayed Imperial recruiting messages and listed some of the Empire's most-wanted criminals.
    • Level A: The overall area of the baggage claim included entryways to the North and South Wings, a lift-tube access point, an overflow claim, and stops from the Core Worlds and the Outer Rim.
    • Level B: The Droid Claim, containing a PA Droid Scanning area, a sales market for restraining bolts, a booth for removing restraining bolts, a droid assembly area, a droid repair area, a droid registration area, and a collection area.
    • Level C: Including the Duty Free area, souvenir shops for Outer Rim–related merchandise, several holorecorders, some RWH Droid Surplus stores, some bacta surplus stores, and power converters. On the same level was the droid customs, which contained a certification station, a memory-wipe station, a memory backup station, Inspection Scan #1, and a droid registry for certification area.
    • Level D: Containing the baby center and clinic; there were incubation pods for infants, a doctor's station, a section for aquatic newborns, a section for personal assistance droids, a section for medical/surgical droids, and bacta tanks.
Star Tours 2 queue StarSpeeder 1000

C-3PO and R2-D2 repairing a StarSpeeder 1000

  • X Wing, housing the Star Tours travel agency terminal. The main terminal area through which passengers passed to board flights included a large viewscreen displaying flight information and advertisements, and had room to house and repair a StarSpeeder 1000. The flight information was color-coded to indicate the destination of the flight: Arrivals were red and departures blue. Ramps from the terminal led to security and boarding areas, all of which commonly had droids and other equipment stored in plain view of passengers. The station also included the Lightspeed Lounge and an observation deck.[5] Signage in the station was usually displayed in both Aurebesh and High Galactic. Prior to each departure, the WA-7 service droid Aly San San frequently made a public service announcement, with the designated StarSpeeder 1000 being brought up via cargo elevator to the departure area. The boarding gates also came in numeric and letter variants, the latter going from A to D.
    • Level 1: Baggage Claim / Transport
    • Level 2: Ticketing
    • Level 3: Security
    • Level 4: Boarding Gates
    • Level 5: Lightspeed Lounge
    • Level 6: Observation Deck


Early in the Galactic Civil War, shortly after the space terminal opened, Imperial agents entered the station to arrest a Rebel spy that was a passenger on a StarSpeeder 1000 flight preparing for departure. The target vessel fled the station in a firefight and escaped into hyperspace.

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Star Tours space station

Seen from its cockpit, a Star Tours StarSpeeder 1000 escapes Imperial TIE/LN starfighters coming from the station.

The space station was unnamed in the Disney's Hollywood Studios and Disneyland versions of the Star Tours: The Adventures Continue ride, but the ride's queue in Tokyo Disneyland later included a video billboard which named the station and provided additional details,[6] which was further confirmed for English-speaking audiences with the release of the blog entry Convenient Daily Departures: The History of Star Tours. The name is yet another Star Wars reference to George Lucas' film THX 1138.

Depending on which scenario is randomly chosen for the ride, the scene regarding the Imperials' discovery of a spy stowed on board the ST-1401 will have one of two outcomes. In one, several stormtroopers attack the vessel while Han Solo, himself in a run-in with several stormtroopers, aids the shuttle in escaping, also attacking a Star Destroyer when they exit the station. In the second, the ship is stopped midflight by Darth Vader using the Force, only to be let go when R2-D2 uses its onboard cannons to blast at Vader, who then sends a squadron of TIE/LN starfighters after it into space.




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