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This article is about the police droid model used by spaceports. You may be looking for other uses of the term.
"Are you crazy? Pointing that thing at a Jedi? Put it down now!!"
―A spaceport police droid to Loubo, after he picked up a frying pan[src]

The spaceport police droid was a model of police droid used by various local law enforcement agencies at spaceports during the Clone Wars.


A model of[1] fourth class[2] police droid,[1] the spaceport police droid stood 1.78 meters in height. They were particularly popular as automated security in deep space facilities, where organic crews were kept deliberately small to reduce the amount of life support supplies required.[1] They carried RG-4D[4][5] blaster pistols[6] and could operated patrol speeders.[3][6]


"Marwigo, call the authorities."

In the year 20 BBY,[8] several spaceport police droids were contacted after Dathomirian Zabrak Savage Opress choked the waitress Sassi in Plop Dribble's, a restraunt located in Stobar spaceport. However, by the time they arrived, the Zabrak had already fled the scene of the crime.[3] They were also used as security droids to patrol[6] the Cybloc system's InterGalactic Banking Clan transfer station.[9]



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