Spaghetti was a food edible by Hutts. Being on the planet Branth was as pleasant as watching the Hutt Jabba eat spaghetti, as the planet's air was very humid.[1]

In 17 ABY,[2] the Wookiee Chewbacca was attacked by a thernbee creature while on the planet Almania. The thernbee tried to suck a Force-dampening ysalamir beast that Chewbacca was holding out of its cage similar to how one would suck spaghetti.[3]

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Spaghetti in Star Wars: Tiny Death Star

Spaghetti was first mentioned in Wookiees Amok, a roleplaying mini-adventure written by Timothy M. Ryan as a supplement for West End Games' Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game published in Challenge 37 in 1989.[1] Spaghetti was set to make an appearance in the 2013 non-canon mobile game Star Wars: Tiny Death Star; it would have appeared in the "Naboo Delicacies" food level,[4] but the game was discontinued[5] prior to Naboo Delicacies' launch. Spaghetti's game icon, depicting a brown-colored dish served in a green bowl, could still be accessed in the game's files. The files also revealed that spaghetti would have been purchasable for two credits.[4]

In the "Gods from the Machine" Operation,[6] which was introduced in the 2011 BioWare video game, Star Wars: The Old Republic, starting on April 18, 2017,[7] a game mechanic named "Spaghettification" is in effect during the player-characters' fight against the droid Nahut. The combat occurs on[6] the world-sized artificial sphere[8] Iokath, in a chamber in which a singularity generator creates a black hole, which constitutes a hazard that the player-characters must avoid.[6]

Due to the names of the Star Wars: The Old Republic gameplay mechanics not necessarily representing in-universe concepts in all cases, this article refrains from assuming the term "spaghettification" exists in the Star Wars galaxy.[6] In real life, "spaghettification" refers to the stretching of an object that is theorized to occur in the vicinity of black holes due to the said object experiencing associated extreme differences in gravitational forces.[9]


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