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"Do you know why the Empire never stripped this planet bare? We knew of other planets who agreed to the Emperor's terms, and over time found their worlds burned, their children in chains. We refused to allow that to happen here."
A Spalex native, to a First Order officer[src]

Spalex was a planet located in the galaxy's Outer Rim Territories that contained a massive vein of thorilide. The Galactic Empire was dissuaded from mining it by the native species, although the First Order uncovered Imperial survey records and threatened the natives into handing over their reserve before Resistance members intervened.


"Hmm... wish I'd known more about this planet. Would have worn something red. This will stand out like crazy."
―Karé Kun[src]
Spalex space PD17

Resistance starfighters approaching Spalex

From space, Spalex was a red-green world lit by a single star. The green atmosphere shaded down to blue towards the surface, which featured a rocky landscape of red terrain and tall, twisted trees with leaves of the same color. The planet's native species lived in dome-shaped huts held above the tree canopy, and arranged in a large grid pattern with connecting ropes lashed between each hut, with several hanging to the ground to allow access.[2] Several huts were supported by large pillars, serving as load-bearing columns for the settlement, which stretched from the treeline to a range of low mountains. The planet featured a massive vein of thorilide, which the natives used in their technology.[3]


"You... ah... people use thorilide in your native technology. We just want to know where you get it."
―A First Order officer to a Spalex native[src]

Spalex's native species constructed dome-like huts above their planet's trees. During the reign of the Galactic Empire, Imperial survey records discovered the massive vein of thorilide on Spalex, and the Empire attempted to mine it. However, while other worlds agreed to the Emperor's terms, the natives of Spalex realized that those planets were soon devastated and their natives enslaved, and refused to allow the same to happen to their homeworld. The species' strength of will made the Empire move on to more compliant worlds and leave Spalex's thorilide untapped.[3]

Resistance member Suralinda Javos and Black Squadron pilots Karé Kun and Jessika Pava were dispatched by General Leia Organa on a reconnaissance mission to Spalex during the growing cold war, to obtain recorded proof of the First Order committing atrocities. Arriving on the planet, the Resistance forces set up camp and Javos sent out camera probes.[2] She recorded a First Order officer threatening the village natives after they refused to acquiesce to his demands to mine the planet's thorilide. Javos and the pilots argued over whether to intervene or simply document the incident, but Pava ultimately opened fire on the stormtroopers, leading Kun to follow suit. However, Pava was hit by a glancing blaster bolt and Kun was likewise rendered unconscious, leaving Javos to be surrounded by the enemy. She attempted parlay with the officer, informing him that the defeated pair were members of the Resistance.[3]


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