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"As Rukil told us, it is not an easy life. Our children will grow up in a world of spears and bows, not blasters and starships."

A spear was a weapon used by hunters and warriors in a variety of galactic cultures, especially primitive ones, either as a melee or thrown weapon.


Strongholds of Resistance character art

A Quarren male wielding a four-pointed spear

A spear consisted of a shaft, with a point at one end that was usually made of stone or metal.[1][2] Spears were often constructed in a balanced way that allowed it to be used effectively as a thrown weapon.[2]

Different types of spears included the bevii'ragir, a traditional Mandalorian spear used for hunting,[3] a static pike used by Geonosians, the shoni spear favored by the Kaleesh, stone-bladed spears used by Whiphid warriors, and the gruush,[4][5] a pointed tool used by the Sauvax species that could also be used as a weapon.

Spears constructed of durable metal alloys were sometimes used by more advanced cultures for sport.[2]


Wicket W Warrick SC

Wicket W. Warrick with a spear.

Many spears were used by primitive species.[1] The Amanin of the jungle planet Maridun used spears. Amanin spears were sharpened wooden shafts approximately two and half meters in length.

The former clone commando-turned-Mandalorian soldier, Fi Skirata, made use of a traditional Mandalorian hunting spear known as a bevii'ragir. Wad'e Tay'haai, a Mandalorian member of the Cuy'val Dar and an associate of Skirata's clan, owned an ancient spear cast from bronzium.[3]

On Orto Plutonia, the members of the Talz species used spears against the forces of the Galactic Republic, one even causing the death of the Pantoran Chairman, Chi Cho.[6]

During the Clone Wars, the Quarren of Dac used thre-pointed spears, known as a trident.[7] Decades later, during the Galactic Civil War, some Quarren made use of four-pointed spears.[8]

On endor, the members of the ewok tribes used them to ward off attackers. Such as the imperial army.


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Chuchi peace

Riyo Chuchi employs a Talz spear in peace talks.

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